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Dallas, Texas


I've always thought that a search feature by username would be great if it could pull up all the catalogued posts written by the member. This would be great. There have been some tremendous contributions written by certain brothers and sisters no longer here, and a "one click" access to all their material would be so convenient and edifying. And I'd like to peruse some of my older stuff as well. Any takers with this idea?

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2011/3/31 13:07Profile

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This is a great idea Brother Paul.

 2011/3/31 13:55Profile

 Re: Suggestions To Make better

Yes, Paul. Great idea.

I wonder though, whether there might be a temptation to do some editing, if one's heart had softened or one had had more revelation?

Do old posts need to enter an age where they can no longer be edited - but if one wants to revise a thought for the sake of conscience, one must make a new post to do so?

 2011/3/31 14:06


I agree with Brother Paul and Joyful Heart as well.

Maybe just page numbers at the bottom of pages.

And I'd also like a wooly lamb stuffed animal. I've looked everywhere and all they're selling is rabbits and yellow baby chicks.


 2011/3/31 14:09

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Very good suggestion, Brother Paul!


 2011/3/31 14:26Profile

 Re: Suggestions To Make better

Is it possible when posting, for only the current page to reload, instead of the whole thread?

(Maybe when we had a preview page, this used to happen?)

 2011/4/10 9:02

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What would help is to put a "next page" on the bottom of the page. Noe it's only on the top of à topic when you read a post on the forum.
That would be more userfriendly.



 2011/4/10 10:30Profile

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 Re: Suggestions To Make better

I think King Jimmy has a point with the search engine.It may not be possible but could we have a link to the bible like blueletterbible or biblestudytools or something similar.
Thanks for asking,Staff

 2011/4/10 12:36Profile

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