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 A Testimony OF The Power OF The Cross


I am in a position of speaking some aspect of the work of the Cross I have in a measure partake , as means of remembrance to fellow pilgrims of the Cross.

The Cross is a practical reality. It’s Power and Glory is the very Power and Glory of the all wise God. The whole Secrets of mortal and immortal Life are hidden in it. It has principles it operate on, they are unchanging and without Compromise. It daily operates to destroy the Old soulish man to build the new spiritual man within the Soul from glory to glory. Below are some of the aspects I learned on the work of the daily Cross.


It does not compromise with the desire in me for keeping my personality, because in it is the Life of a person (Christ ) , who if HE is to continue living HIS Life in me in increasing degrees most continually destroy my personality. I have learned that the desire to be notice, honor, respected, recognize etc is the Life of the Old man , and most be daily be crucify through the work of the Cross if I am to partake in its Life and Glory in my daily activities. I must learn to be forgotten by all that I might Learn to be satisfy only with the one who cannot forget, those that seek HIM. It takes trials for this to be brought in to a practical reality.

In destroying my personality, HE works with infinite Love to build HIS indestructible LIFE within. If I resist HIS work to keep my personality, he gentle withdraws. No cross and so HE no longer become my defense, strength and refuge because my Old carnal Life has driven HIM away. This brings dissatisfaction, unrest and fear within my soul and increase the bond or power of Sin. The best I can do during those periods of darkness is only to avoid gross or external Sins. I easily become captivated by Lust, anger, fear, bitterness, worries etc. The more I harden my heart to keep my personality the nearer I see my soul in the path of Hell fire. If I repent from those Inward Sins I committed during those periods of darkness, HIS Mercy and Truth will meet. HIS mercy brings the forgiveness but HIS truth will require that I start the process over; I must loss my personality to go along with HIM. I have realize that the more willing I become the faster HIS work; but a harden heart is a path to hell fire. Now I have realize that though a certain area of my personality can be submitted to the work of the daily cross , yet I do see later many other unknown aspect of my personality which are not subject to the Cross ; only trials in my daily activities reveal them.


The greatest power of Love is not manifested by Loving those that Love and care for us but by Loving those that hate and despise us. While we were yet Sinners He came to the cross to die for a people who hate and despise HIS Law and ways, that HE might make us a people. This is the greatest manifestation of Love. Perfect Love desires the good of those that hate and despise us, not their hurt or misery. I have Learn that, the Old nature within me is contrary to this principle of Love. It only love those that Love and accept it but the Cross tell me a different story.

When the Lord died on the Cross, He gave His Life to us that He might live in us. He did not need any of our Old Life. The greatest sacrifice is giving without and hope of receiving. I have learn that it is a wonderful work of the Cross to give Love, comfort, kindness etc to others , without any hope or desire for a mutual response. The nature of the Old man within is to give to receive; but the nature of the new man is to give to gain by losing.


Rejection from men can do more good to the man of the Cross than acceptance. Rejection from men removes our Trust or comfort from man. If we are rejected by men we learn the good of seeking the honor or approval from God alone. I have learned that though I should not seek rejection but I should accept it with Love anytime it comes my way. I have benefited more during such periods than during periods of acceptance.

I have learn that the taught or desire of being someone, somebody is the voice of the old carnal nature. The Cross works to build the image of one new man (Christ) within the soul, in all that will submit to its working. There is no respecter of person s, for it is the image of one man in varies degrees or measure in all that submit to it.

The man of the cross is always unworthy, for the worthiness in him is not his life but the life of the creator in a measure within. He has no image to keep but the image of HIS creator within. He can patiently endure all evil accusation like Joseph in Portiphar house and if it pleases His creator he will be still and quite waiting the right time of vindication.


The Cross teaches the one who is submitted to it, to possess no position though he might acquire a position but never to be brought under it gentile dominion nature. The creator of all became subject to all on the cross that He might bring all to HIM. This principle work on those that submit to its operation, they must learn how to serve in position of rulership by surrendering their rights in HIS will. The greatest becoming the servant of all not as a theory in the head but a practical reality.
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