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 Leonard Ravenhill biography

Has anyone heard anything of it?

Marc Collette

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 Re: Leonard Ravenhill biography


Yes I was able to review the manuscript before it was published. Right now you can pre-order and it will ship in 1-2 weeks! I think it is well done. I have not read the entire volume but do believe it will be a great asset and encouragement to many to live more for Christ wholly.


A. W. TOZER - Those who know of Leonard Ravenhill recognize in him the religious specialist, the man sent from God to battle the priests of Baal on their own mountain top, to shame the careless priest at the altar, to face the false prophet, and to warn the people who are being led astray by him. Such a man as this is not an easy companion. He insists on being a Christian all the time and everywhere. That marks him out as different. Why do we have men of such fiery swords as Ravenhill? They are sick inside when they see the children of heaven acting like the sons of earth. To such men as these, the church owes a debt too heavy to pay.

PAUL WASHER - was introduced to Leonard Ravenhill at the very beginning of my Christian pilgrimage and the impact of his life upon mine remains until this day. He lived as one who dwelt in the shadow of the Almighty and he preached as one sent from God. He knew God's presence, wore His mantle, bore His burdens, and spoke His truth. He was the rarest of commodities in his day and ours - a man of God.

DAVID WILKERSON - Leonard Ravenhill was one of the few men I have ever known who was a true prophet. I am glad this book has finally been written.

Pre-order it here:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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There was a problem with the printer that has delayed publication. But it should be coming out this week. I can hardly wait!

Wayne Kraus

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I put in for a pre-order and never received any correspondance, perhaps the printer problem is why. Good to see you wayneman.


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When I pre-ordered around November-December time period they sent me an email bill, they got my check and I haven't heard a peep since. Nice to know it's coming out this week though.

-Mike W.

Mike Wright

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 Re: Leonard Ravenhill biography

Does anyone know if this is going to be available for Kindle?

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