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To live a victorious and overcoming Christian Life daily, amidst all the occasional Storms, dryness, temptations etc an ever increasing practical knowledge of Knowing God , His power, HIS Saving Strength is something you must seek or you will lose your way and be carried away by the storms daily.
To know God is to see HIM first as above all, and in all and this include seeing HIM within you as a helper through HIS Spirit within. Failure, stumbling, shortcoming only comes when the eye is fixed on what you can do than what HE can do in you. God never call us to Safe ourselves but HE comes to safe us, and these was the proclamation from the Birth , that the name JESUS means he will save His people from their Sins (Matthew1v21). The is the summation, and our Foundation, yet the eye of natural understanding has assumed to know and accept that Jesus has come to save him from his sins yet remain daily overcome by Sins, because JESUS, the word which dwell within the hearts of those that Look unto HIM as their daily savior from all challenges, temptations, trials is not in reality his SAVIOR. When salvation is seen as an event, then there is a relaxation and a false Liberty and endless falling and short coming because the only one, who can save the soul from sin, is forgotten. This deceived Soul does not seek an all knowing Guide or Strength from the infinite power to live above weakness but keep walking out of its own wisdom and fighting out of its own strength.
The natural man may keep the moral Law of Moses Perfectly, but none can keep the inward Law of Christ but the man of the Cross, who has forsaken all other strength including his natural strength. It is not possible for any flesh to keep the inward Law of Christ, no never; it is impossible but only possible when God is the strength of the Soul. To enter the spiritual land of Canaan through perfect rest and union the soul most come higher than the moral law of Moses , for that nature in Moses which does not see the evil of hitting the rock twice, when the voice said once, and spoke it own words Cannot enter Canaan. Canaan is never about what man thinks but the mind of God and there is no compromise, no shadow of turning, for it is never about what man can do but what God can do in the Soul that Believe.
The spirit of the unbelieving spies of Canaan is that nature which mixes the Strength of God with the Strength of man. After Some victories through the power of God in destroying some enemies, these spies soon forgot that it was God who was fighting for them. When they saw the Giants they measure the Giants with themselves not with God, and so they Lose hope, for the situation was higher than their natural strength. Oh what a lamentation to some souls who have tasted a measure of the saving power of God from all external and gross sins, yet cannot trust the power of God to keep them above those hard inward giants of bitterness, lust, impatience, gossip, covetousness, hatered , unforgiveness, strife etc as they faced a hard fallen race in their daily activities.
Overcoming the enemies of Canaan was not the work of the doubting Spies no was it the work of faithful Joshua and Caleb, it was about what God wanted to do in a yielded Vessels. It was HIS work and still remains HIS work. Likewise in the Spiritual Canaan of Perfect Union and rest in Christ it is never about that nature of the doubting spies within us, which will see just our weakness and nothing more, no was it that nature of Joshua and Caleb a type of overcoming Saints. So stop looking to your weakness, failure, limitation nor admire or spend your time in exalting Joshua and Caleb (Overcoming Saints), but Come to the Eternal Power that Fill the Desire of all Living things when they are in union to HIS will. Wait for it, pray and fast occasional in humbling yourself before HIS Presence. Rush not here and their, nor strike the rock twice when you only hear it once, but wait in patience for HE will Lead you in ways and path you know not. Again Entering Canaan is never about you , good that you have see the enemies and the darkness you knew not before , but Look unto to the Great deliverer and you will be heal from your fears , infirmities or weakness.
What are you going through, what is your weakness or fear? Show me and I will show you the nature of the doubting spies within you. Come out of your weakness, in to HIS strength, come out from unbelief into the Faith which sees the infinite power. Cease from the evil teaching of partial illuminated fallen men who mixed the Power of Christ with the strength of man and like the doubting spies they believe in a partial victory over sins and wickedness, for when they look the challenges, they do not see the Eternal power but their own natural strength.
Come ye oh Nations and drink this waters of my Power and strength, there is Life and Life eternal, bring your vessels for I am ever ready to fill you, sake yourself from the dust of earthiness for I am come to Save you, it is about me in you and then you in me which is perfect union, and this is the only hope of partaking in my Glory. Remember it first started with me, me in you; you cannot be in me if I am not in you. If you have an ear, hear. Amen.
james f jarjou


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