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I am, and have been, praying for you. But I also agree with 777's post. Crucifying the flesh is something you will have to do every day (every hour, every MINUTE) for the rest of your life. May you want Jesus more than ANYTHING!

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Hey I like your answer Lysa! So much of bible4life's original post is the same with me! I have been caught up in doubts and haven't felt I've successfully 'repented' fully. Because I've been having difficulty understanding how God is loving and selfless, I have been having difficulty seeing how I am personally to blame for my sinful state and how from birth I deserved hell naturally. I seem to be blind to something...obviously many people see the truth, and I do know that in heaven I would no longer be under any misconceptions that God is loving. For me it is a process (I think) a similar way to Lisa (I think), when i seek Him with faith and pray for an open heart, my heart kinda opens more and I tend to have little times when I do trust Him more, sometimes even times like when I block out thoughts that don't warm me to God (i.e. things which seem true, but which don't warm me to Him - i.e. Him being selfish in creating humans) and cling to what I do know I feel I've engaged in a minirepentance and actually feel sorry for my sins. After that I start feeling much better, more full of joy, love for others and happiness. It has happened a bit in a dream, after all I had been putting into my subconscious b4 I went to bed I guess. It has also happened when I hear a song of God's love and tune into the words (blocking out those other thoughts in a way)...i.e. today in church. The songs were: "The Power of the cross" and especially "Servant King" case anyone's interested hehe :).
Sooo, would you say God expects me to just cut it (all the doubt) at once...or do you think He's happy with what Im doing, keeping on doing minirepentances like that until such doubts no longer come at all?

What do ppl think?...Lysa specifically

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