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 Is this sin?

So I have a question that I am hoping someone else here might have some thoughts on. I have a sister in the Lord who is always complaining, she gets down easily, is stressed a lot, tired and says things like "I hate the weather, I'm so sick of it." She is always saying things like that, I am sick of this/that and then grumbling and complaining about it. My question is this attitude of the heart a sinful one and how would you share with someone about this. Are we not to have a joyful heart and count all things as joy?


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 Re: Is this sin?


My question is this attitude of the heart a sinful one and how would you share with someone about this

I suspect you know the answer to your question or you would not be troubled by it.

Some people are chronic complainers about anything and everything and it gets wearisome to listen to it. The people I know who are afflicted with this malady seem to have an anger or a forgivingness problem which would explain this ungrateful mentality.

I suggest you have a heart-to-heart talk with her about this. If she is a relative, it likely will be a a no-go. But give it a try, praying and waiting on the LORD before doing so. Be prepared for rejection because it is a tough issue to deal with.

My understanding.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

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Oh, RDG,

I have been there and done that. I complained and I complained. I was so unhappy. One day the Holy Spirit showed me my heart and showed me my friends were tired of hearing it. And there was more than the weather to complain about. I didn't even realize I was doing it all the time until the Holy Spirit revealed it to me. I felt so bad I began contentiously stopping myself when I saw I was to begin complaining. To be very honest, once in a while I will catch myself complaining - it goes to the Cross.

We all complain every now and then. But praise God it can be put on the cross along with everything else. Glory to God. He came to set us free and we will be free indeed.

As G.R. suggested. I would definitely pray. Pray for her deliverance. To be set free from this. She may or may not be aware she is doing it all the time. Then if the Lord is laying it upon your heart share with her as the Holy Spirit leads. It may come through singing a song with her, turn your eyes upon Jesus. It may come through no words of yours but in the complete love of Jesus flowing through you. Please dont say a word if you have any ungodly feelings towards her. Just pray. But if you have nothing but the love of Jesus in your heart and prayed for the Holy Spirit to prepare her heart for His Words through you then go.

I will join you in prayer as it is love that this sister be delivered and set free. The Lord will turn her mourning into joy and give her that joyful heart of thanksgiving for all He has done for her. Giving God all the glory with you. Jesus is worthy of another soul set free. Amen and amen. May we all nail our complaining to the Cross and ask the Holy Spirit to convict us of this sin and set us free. Amen and amen!

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Hello RDG,

You did not mention if this complainer lists herself among the saved. Does she? If so, that will give you a foundation for speaking with her.

Complaining about everything is a nasty habit. Worse than smoking in my eyes. It can beat down the joy in most anyone in hearing distance. My husband and I check each other when this habit rears it's ugly head.

Speaking to her is touchy. Would you walk up to a stranger and comment on their speech habits? I would try to do it in as loving a way as possible, if I were to try. Perhaps use the volume of complaints as a platform to ask if she is suffering from some hidden health issue or a personal problem that she may benefit by sharing.I really don't know how you could bring it up. With my husband and I we have been together 36 years this month and we have always worked at keeping communication completely open, no subject is off limits. With an acquaintance it will take a lot of tact and prayer.

If you do talk with her and it helps, please, share you approach.

white stone


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Maybe you could try to understand what the deeper root of the symptoms (complaining) are. Fear, insecurity, physical problems, etc. Don't let the symptoms prevent you from loving her and trying to understand the WHY? Be a friend and pray.

One thing about the Lord is that He did not get perturbed with people's habits and negativity and require that everyone fall in line when He was around. He loved the sinner and ministered to the heart and brought them to Himself. Many times people do things that we may not like. Are we interested in really helping the person or just making the thing that we don't like, go away? I ask myself this all the time.

She is probably more aware of her heart than most people think. Sounds like she is in pain and needs the Love of God.

Don't we all?

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Thank you for posting this. There have been times when I have complained about the weather myself. We have been getting a lot of snow and it has been daunting dealing with it and I found myself grumbling about how tired I was of having to deal with it all when my son reminded me how much worse it was for others in Australia with their weather and disasters. I realized then that I really had been grumbling and I repented. I am still physically tired of shoveling snow and trying to clear my roof but I was very much encouraged by what was shared here. I have been seeking the Lord daily and keeping my focus on Him especially when I feel weary or discouraged. I am also seeking to find my joy in Him and not the things of this world. Hope things go well when you talk with your friend. Sometimes just reminding them that others have it difficult as well may help them not to be so focused on self all the time.

God Bless

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 Re: Is this sin?

Praying.......Holy Spirit rain down, do they not KNOW you?The alternative is living hell, I heard,real bad weather too.

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