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With all our difference and opinion or measure of Light it is still possible that we are seeing things dimly, but let us know that the greatest battle Satan has against the children of God is not the destruction of the body but the soul. Many believers seem to fear a future "anti -christ" who will torment the body more than the present antichrist within our sinful nature who is ever present to destroy the soul. I strongly believe we have already enter the greatest affliction prophecies by daniel, which war is not the destruction of the body but the soul. Attaining stillness and perfect rest through union with Christ is almost impossible now a days, because of the so much distraction and rat race we face here and their. To every evil, scientist have a way to prove to us that the whole situation is natural , and many believers are accepting and remaining indifference to the spirit of the world, because of the tremendous increase in the knowledge of the wisdom of men. This temptation to take things in the natural realm and forgeting our heavenly citizenship where our daily order should be taken is the greatest tribulation. Nothing is worst than that. The Lord may allowed satan to destroy our body, but it is never his will that satan will have even a liitle portion of our soul. Today is the time of preparation . The battle is today. The great tribulation is today. Is about the soul.
This is the time of intercession. Every Godly parent should daily spend time to intercede for their Children.How is it that so many Godly parents has ungodly children ? Is is not true that a majority do not spend time to intercede for their children on a daily basis. The LORD asked us to pray that His kingdom will come on earth, that include in our family and chidren ; which kingdom is righteousness, peace an joy in the holy ghost. Prayer is the only means to bring the impossibilty to reality , and not many Christian families are seeing this. They measure things in the natural realm and think their children are beyong repair. Satan primary aim is to destroy the youths of our generation , but the riches in Christ is always their to destroy his purpose when the saints intercede. It is time to interced for our neigbors, towns, village , countries, continent etc. Christ is our only weapon but when we do not use our weapon the enemy will win a lot and locked the promises.
I am not denying that we wll see many things in the natural like pain , hunger,earthquakes, war etc but that is mostly the body realm , the natural and a type of the inward spiritual battle. Amen
james f jarjou


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You would think, with the day and age we live in, and with the things taking place in this world, that we would not be preparing for tribulation, we should be ready for it.

1 Peter 4v7, 'But the end of all things is at hand, therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers.'

That wasn't God's idea of a joke to tell us to watch and pray.

It says in verse 18 of the same scripture, 'Now if the righteous one is scarcely saved, where will the ungodly and the sinner appear?'

Fact is, the churches are without excuse.

But this flesh pleasing, man pleasing generation are not serious about their own salvation, let alone the lost.

God help us.

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Who really can be ready? We don't know what to expect, how it will come or how it will affect us.

The "be ready" is simply saying, "Be Alert".

The Lord is telling us not to get tangled up in this world's ways, rather to have our minds focused on Him. That in the day of calamity, we can run to Him for our help and not to the arm of flesh.

Many believers will be caught unawares, some will shake themselves and immediately are made ready, others will need more help to grapple the situation. We will find it amazing how that a little persecution will cause believers to come together and also cause 'make believers' to run away.

Persecution must come, it is our glory the scripture says, whether our tribulation be great or not, this is all for the glory of God the Father.

 2011/2/7 11:01

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I am reminded of Jeremiah.

It tells us in chapter 25v3 that he had been warning them for 23 years.

We've had 2,000 years.

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Hi Approved,
I agree with your comments.Who can really be ready.Only to expect the worst in earthly terms and recieve the best in heavenly terms.
All things work for good for those in Christ,so perhaps will tribulation.

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Two things have grieved His Spirit. Two things have angered GOD.

The lack of Love from those who claim His Name and the
misuse of and our carelessness with HIS WORD.

His WORD is not a lump of "Play dough" to be twisted, shaped, molded as a game without Holy fear & reverence - without crying out in deep sincere prayer for His Spirit of Truth to lead and guide us, because we're aware of our own helplessness in discerning spiritual things.
Satan knows The WORD of GOD better than we do and he's more than happy to join in to play that game with us, any time we allow it - through this lack of reverence that we've held onto because of our own pride.
We should never use His WORD as a puzzle game or the like.

The WORD is Christ! As John fell before Him in Rev 1 - that's the same reverential fear that we should show toward His WORD!

 2011/2/7 20:56

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