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 Holy Ghost baptism

I have been praying for the Holy Spirit baptism and I strongly believe God will answer as He promised in the Bible. What spiritual exercises can I engage in to make the promise manifest sooner and also, how do I deal with a major weakness that can hinder my prayers. Thank you in anticipation of your divinely-lead responses. God bless you all.

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 Re: Holy Ghost baptism

Have you ever worked for a birthday gift? Or gotten it sooner than your birthday just because? The gift is received by Faith and is a Gift that is given by grace which is apart from Works. We ask and the Father gives in His timing and according to His will and purpose.

Keep strong in your Faith putting all your hope and trust in Christ Jesus and His work on the Cross. Patience my friend is a Virtue and if its something you need to learn the Lord will surely make you wait and teach you this valuable lesson first. We must all be clear God is not one to be manipulated and twisted into doing something we want Him to do if He has a different time and will in the matter. I do believe the Lord will Baptize you but you must wait for it, He is faithful ALL the time trust in that.

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Holy Ghost baptism

read my sermon on finneys, Power from on high.

Mike Tucker

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 Re: Holy Ghost baptism


If you have prayed to be baptised in the Holy Spirit then be prepared for a bumpy ride. Most all of those I know who prayed for it especially those writing books, had some very great trials while they waited. The most you can do is to encourage yourself by reading testimonies on entire sanctificastion especially from the past when there was less confusion and faulty teaching, and determine that you will obey every single little nudge inside, straightening the crooked pathways and all the complications you have caused by lack of honesty and disobedience. Get serious.

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 Re: Holy Ghost baptism

What spiritual exercises can I engage in to make the promise manifest sooner and also, how do I deal with a major weakness that can hinder my prayers. Thank you in anticipation of your divinely-lead responses. God bless you all.

Welcome to the world of the Normal Christian Life!

If I may comment on the Holy Ghost seeking. It's imperative that we get our mind clear on why we are seeking the Holy Ghost.

Is it so we can overcome sin or a particular sin?

Jesus has taken away the sin of the world nailing it to His cross. The sin of the world is our attempts through the flesh to please God. The flesh, the enmity that carried the law of sin and death had to be destroyed through the one that came in the likeness of sinful flesh yet knew no sin. But we have known sin!

When we come to Christ we lose our identity and take on His name, and are translated from the body of this world and become apart of the body of Christ by His Spirit that dwelleth in us.

Therefore, we do not need to overcome something that has been destroyed. What we need to do now is to resist the devil. However, the scriptures tell us that if we do sin, we have an Advocate to clear up the matter immediately through confession. This answers your second question regarding this particular "weakness" that you believe is hindering your prayer.

If you are coming to God in all the sincerity and humbling before Him, your prayers are not hindered at all. God hears every one of them. He heard the man in the Temple that day who saw that his sin was terrible and he couldn't even look up to heaven but cried for mercy anyway, and God justified him. That man left that Temple justified in the sight of God. Why?

Because when a man turns to God for help, first of all you need one thing to have in operation, FAITH! That pleases God! And secondly, by turning to God he is repenting. He doesn't have to speak a word, but by choosing to call upon the name of the Lord, that is an act of repentance.

As Christians, we need to learn to resist the devil as soon as we sense the danger of temptation. Sin only comes into play when we increase the time of looking. Jesus spoke the word to the devil upon hearing the twisty wording of Satan. Satan can quote scripture but he quotes in a way of a question. He changes the nature of the word by creating doubt. And Paul calls this the wiles of the devil.
Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

That devil is trying to convince us that Christ sacrifice on the cross wasn't sufficient because we find that we are still sinning. When we learn that the Cross is enough and learn to resist the devil, he is going to flee from us. That is the promise.

We fall into sin because we like the sin. Lets not beat around the bush. We sin because we like it. What we hate is the hangover the next morning. We don't like the guilt that comes afterward. But we need to learn how to resist, and the only way that can happen is through the ministry to which God has placed in the Church. Jesus was not only the word, but He used the word. He read and studied the Old Testament.

As for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, "ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door is opened unto you. He that continually seeks finds, he that continually asks, will receive and he that continually knocks the door shall be opened.

There are some that are filled with the Spirit when they come out of the baptismal tank, others as soon as they turned from being a sinner to salvation, others just listening to the word of God. There are many different situations in which God fills His people. But for you and I, He wants us to seek His face.

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 Re: Holy Ghost baptism

JesusnI: There is no spiritual exercise in which you can engage. There is only one requirement. You must be born again. If you are, then God desires to baptize you in the Holy Spirit. You must simply ask, and receive by faith. Since the Holy Spirit has already been given, it is up to us only to receive.

When you speak of manifestation, there are many threads on this site in which many have debated back and forth. I don't wish to start another such debate, but I will tell you what happened to me. I was always taught that the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit was that one spoke in other tongues, and that if one had not spoken in tongues, one had not received. I do not hold so strongly to that as I used to. I believe that praying in tongues is a vital and important part of a spirit filled believer's life, and I pray in tongues often (usually daily). I do not believe one has to speak in tongues as evidence, but once filled with the spirit one CAN speak in tongues, so why not! So, I prayed and began to praise God and thank Him for baptizing me in the Holy Spirit. Before long I felt the Lord wanted to speak through me, and by faith I yielded myself to the strange language that seemed to be coming to my mind. Soon I was rejoicing and praising God in other tongues. I am a skeptic by nature, and it has been both a blessing and a curse it seems. But the Lord prompted me to begin singing in tongues. Soon I was joined by a friend of mine who received the baptism at the same time. We sang a perfect duet in another tongues unknown to us for some time. It was beautiful. I know it was God's way of giving me a proof or evidence that I could never doubt.

Simply ask and receive. You cannot work it up or obtain manifestation by spiritual exercise. Stand in faith on the scriptures that says that God is more willing to give us the Holy Spirit than we are willing to give bread to our own sons.


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 Re: HGB

thank you very much. I will do just as you have advised. God bless.

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 Re: Holy Ghost baptism

Here is an excellent book to read written in 1895 and a free download:

<b>Pentecostal Papers: or, The Gift of the Holy Ghost</b>
By Samuel Ashton Keen

(Remove the returns if you paste it into your browser)

God bless you,


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 Re: Holy Ghost baptism

I have been praying for the Holy Spirit baptism and I strongly believe God will answer as He promised in the Bible. What spiritual exercises can I engage in to make the promise manifest sooner and also, how do I deal with a major weakness that can hinder my prayers. Thank you in anticipation of your divinely-lead responses. God bless you all.

1. "What spiritual exercises can I engage in to make the promise manifest sooner"
*. you can 'exercise' your faith by waiting patiently and beliving you have already recieved when you pray (Not the same as WOF self delusion)

The spirit gives gifts as he wills. Its not under human control. If you go to a church that has a man who calls himself the holy ghost bar-tender run for your life.

2. "how do I deal with a major weakness that can hinder my prayers"

When a man is truly saved, and i mean truly you recognize that you are and can do nothing in your own. You are powerless as a sinner against sin, you are a servant of it. When you are broken before God and realize that you need God he will begin to work on you. You cannot work on yourself its the spirit that works on you. He first convicts you of your sin so you understand what you are and why you need Jesus. If a believer has no genuine conviction of sin it is most likely he has had a false conversion. Somebody popeishly declared him saved because they were more concerned about number growth in a seeker friendly ministry than in salvation of lost souls. The holy spirit doesn't make us perform like circus monkeys before he endows us with power. Our father know we need power to witness and power to overcome sin so why would he withhold it. Where there is a genuine conviction, the power is not to far away around the corner. Thats probably why personally i prefer preachers who the lord has saved from the very darkest and forsaken pits of hell people we would turn our noses up to. Their is no ready made formula to the holy spirit, but there is a personal responsibility (yet God is sovereign *aghh* my brain hurts already lol*). Our duty as christians it to search out the whole counsel of God as relates to NT believers and to 'observe and obey' them all. The blessings of God do not depend on mans effort, its grace and not works(ordinances), yet the gracious gift of faith produces works (fruit, character ans spiritual maturity). Use the story of Pentecost as your encouragement and find people who are just as hungry for God as yourself and pray and wait on him until you receive power.

"how do I deal with a major weakness that can hinder my prayers"

Remember that the book says "for the spirit himself makes intercession for us for we know not what we ought to pray for"

Wretched man that i am id pray for 101 things without realizing that maybe there is 1 thing i should be praying for. But that God for the Holy Ghost intercession for us as outlined in Romans 8 is not dependent of spiritual gifts as the spirit intercedes for all believers. When a believer has Gifts intercession may translate corporately in a prophetic manner or though tongues or words of wisdom etc (gifts of the spirit) but gift or no gift, baby or mature christian the holy spirit intercedes(prays on our behalf) for us all. When a child comes into this world you have to feed it as its incapable of feeding itself. But ans it grows the hope is it can feed itself with the food you provide for it. The question you asked about prayer is deeper than you realize. Many take Daniel out of Context and teach that prayers of Christians can be hindered by the devil (this is probably a topic in its own right) what i would say is as Christians we don't really need the devil to hinder our prayers as we do a mighty find job of that ourselves.

Stay Blessed

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