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 This really confuses me...

This is an observation that I've noticed over the last 15 years:

I've noticed that many preachers of the word (or Christians in general) don't use themselves as an example of God's glory in action. What I hear most of the time is clever arguments and strung together scriptures that are meant to appeal to men. There's nothing included on a personal level that would help another brother out of the same sin.

Is this not robbing God's glory?

The Lord graciously set me free from loving alcohol and I love to tell the story. I don't glory in the sin, but instead glory in God who set me free from it.

I tried and tried to clean the 'outside of the cup' to no avail but still had the inward desire to drink. The more I was tempted, the more I tried, only to fail. I wasn't a drunkard but I still had the desire in me, and it kept me defeated. After confessing many times with tears to the Lord I just came to the end of myself (no not some rock bottom experience) where I just told the Lord that I was defeated and there was nothing within me that could do anything about it. This was a long process before I came to the final conclusion that I was defeated and totally gave up. I was seriously trying to quit but every one of my efforts totally failed, not some, ALL of them.

But then Jesus came and set me free, I mean totally free from the bondage that was loving my sin. He totally removed the desire to drink from my heart, it's totally amazing! I want to drink about as much as I have the desire to swim across the frozen Lake Erie here in Michigan (you would have to see me to get the joke I'm a portly fellow).

The best thing about it is I didn't do it, the Lord did, 100%. He gets all of the glory because he did all of the work.

I just can't thank God enough for washing me out on the inside! I love telling this testimony because it glorifies the Lord who set me free.

Thanks for your patience Lord!

In Christ,
Earl J

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 Re: This really confuses me...

I believe there is validity to the observation you make, and that your point is worth considering, Earl.

Mike Compton

 2011/2/3 22:43Profile

 Re: This really confuses me...

Great testimony Brother Earl.

Many of us have shared quite a bit here. It's just a question of catching those testimonies when they happen.

You may not have done it yourself but you asked Him to deliver you. That's neat!

Bless you for sharing.

 2011/2/3 22:54


I think people who have overcome a particular sin do receive insight into that and can be an encouragement to others going through the same thing.

Prostitutes I believe, often when delivered feel lead to do missionary work in that area and I was reading about skid row which Greg posted about, how those lead to Jesus often work with those in the same situation.

I think often we feel ashamed of how current or past problems for one thing. It is written we should confess our faults to one another, but perhaps in a small group is better sometimes, where you have a agreed to not to betray others confessions.

 2011/2/3 23:03

 Re: This really confuses me...

Hi Earl, loved your testimony. It's the way testimonies should always be told. I was lost in sin, but Jesus brought me in.

I've noticed that many preachers of the word (or Christians in general) don't use themselves as an example of God's glory in action.

There are a lot of them that do, there are probably equal amounts that don't.

There are valid reasons for this. And I will pick on myself as an example.

When you were struggling with alcohol, you were at the same time a believer am I right? It was probably hard for you to be a witness knowing that you have this besetting sin in your life, do you agree? For me, I have a besetting sin that has been with me since I was a child. I too have struggled with it and confessed my sin and wept with tears many a night. It's hard to witness the saving power of Christ and deliverance when your (I,we) are not delivered our self. In truth, and like you, we give up and fully surrender and wait for Christ to come to deliver. When it comes to the ministry of the word, I am a mute. I cannot speak the oracles of God until this thing has departed from me, that desire as you aptly put it. I believe that many believers are in the same boat as I. Besides repentance, besides tears, besides surrendering, besides reading and praying, besides hearing godly sermons, I wait for my deliverance.

I have put myself out there as an example, I have exposed myself as one that has a problem, not with sin because I am not sinning, but there is a besetting sin that is in my members that I know within myself that I am not delivered. However, in stepping out like this, I think there are many that will read this and be encouraged that they are not alone. I am reminded of that little song that we used to sing in Church.

Since Jesus passed by
Since Jesus passed by
Oh what a difference since Jesus passed by
I don't understand it, and I can't tell you why
But Oh what a difference since Jesus passed by

 2011/2/3 23:21

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 Re: This really confuses me...

I'm guessing some are concerned about drawing to much attention to themselves. That is a fine line.



 2011/2/4 8:03Profile


I'm guessing some are concerned about drawing to much attention to themselves. That is a fine line.

It's not that fine a line. Either the Lord gets the glory or He does not. No-one is involved in their own deliverance, apart from their desperate cry for help, (as JiG commented).

 2011/2/4 8:40

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 Re: This really confuses me...

I know this may be saddening but honestly its true, many people have rotten pasts and when they step into a church setting EVERYONE is PERFECTION! (please add sarcasm here) The pressure of this is great and to share a testimony of God's deliverance may very well change how people think of you, GOD FORBID! I know many people that don't share because they are still in shame of their sin, they don't know or understand the fullness of their Salvation that when Christ took away their sins He took the shame and guilt with it.

I know from experience, my families testimony is a beautifully terrible one that God gave for His glory. Unfortunately there are members of my family that have earnestly requested the touchy parts of my families testimony not mentioned they don't want it shared in front of a congregation because the story is filled with much shame and hurt, I still feel the shame of it at times but remember the Work Christ did for me and my family on the Cross so I REJOICE at the Work of God in the restoration of my entire Family. I am praying the Lord will speak to my familie's hearts to let go of the shame and hurt, this God will do in His timing.

Matthew Guldner

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because the story is filled with much shame and hurt, I still feel the shame

Sin does this to its victims once they understand the enormity of it. Thanks the Holy Spirit for that...too many folks glory in their sin, experience no shame whatsoever. Many moderns have lost their ability to feel shame. This is tragic. Guilt is a blessing. It is to the mind/spirit what pain is to the body: physical pain works to protect the body: you stop doing whatever is causing the pain. Same with shame except too many times folks find it difficult to stop...

On the other hand - now I want to share another angle. How about confessing ones sin? And you are afraid because of 1)what people will think of you, 2)what others will say about you, 3)and you are disappointed in your self. All of these will work to hinder one being transparent before man.

I used to have this problem, big time. Then one day I got this mental picture of standing before the great white throne and have all my sins enumerated in front of all the billions of the people to hear. And there would be no remedy because I refused it. OOhhh. Oh. Dreadful. Now this experience would be the epitome of shame. Would it not be better to confess your sins to those who could help you? This crowd would be a lot smaller...and they could help you overcome! Now that is a winner! But what if someone were to use it as fodder for gossip? Well...that is their baby, their got rid of you at least know where they are at in their walk with the LORD...What freedom! Such a blessing!

My testimony...


Sandra Miller

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Milt Green said that he "used to not tell his testimony because he felt that it gave the Devil too much credit", but then he realized that he "could tell it by beginning in despair and ending in glory".

If you have never viewed his testimony, here it is. He certainly does end in glory. It's a blessing.

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