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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Absolute Surrender - Susannah Spurgeon

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 Re: Absolute Surrender - Susannah Spurgeon

Another beautiful thread Star and the replies remind me of the only prayer book that I ever felt led to read - "Valley of Vision".
I agree, it's truly a blessing to be in this company of believers and be surrounded by such a wealth from the great cloud of witnesses of days gone by. Yes, there certainly is a depth in them, that I'm grateful to see with my own eyes, in those who also love them, being the fruit of their labor. Blessed to be with such who crave more and more of our Beloved Bridegroom, and nothing more or less.
Such company gets the eyes back where they need to be.
Thank you all!

 2011/2/5 11:33

 Re: Absolute Surrender - Susannah Spurgeon

Mrs Spurgeon's meditation reminded me very much of this hymn, written during her lifetime.

I lift my heart to Thee, Savior divine;
For Thou art all to me, and I am Thine;
Is there on earth a closer bond than this,
That my Belovèd’s mine, and I am His?

Thine am I by all ties; but chiefly Thine,
That through Thy sacrifice Thou, Lord, art mine.
By thine own cords of love, so sweetly wound,
Around me, I to Thee am closely bound.

To Thee, Thou bleeding Lamb, I all things owe—
All that I have, and am, and all I know.
All that I have is now no longer mine,
And I am not mine own; Lord, I am Thine.

How can I, Lord, withhold life’s brightest hour
From Thee; or gathered gold, or any power?
Why should I keep one precious thing from Thee;
When Thou hast giv’n Thine own dear self for me?

I pray Thee, Savior, keep me in Thy love,
Until death’s holy sleep shall me remove
To that fair realm where, sin and sorrow o’er,
Thou and Thine own are one forevermore.

Charles Edward Mudie ~ 1818-1890

Tune: Sursum Corda

 2011/2/5 13:10

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Such beautiful words! Thank you so much for posting these hymns. I was not familiar with either one. And yet very hard to live out....we need much grace moment by moment!

 2011/2/5 13:56Profile

 Re: Absolute Surrender - Susannah Spurgeon

Thank you.

I believe the Lord wants us to sing truth to ourselves and be being filled with the Spirit as we yeild to Him in principle by so doing.

There are certain tunes which come back time and again, which carry something deep from God to us, even if we can't remember the words, or, find other words being taken up by them.

 2011/2/5 14:25

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Thank you both mama27 and JiG for mentioning those books. I have read bits of each and was blessed already!

Alive to God. That IS a beautiful Hymn. Thank the Lord for the writers of all of these! They are truly a blessing to draw us nearer to Him.


 2011/2/5 22:04Profile

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Praise the Lord!

 2011/2/5 23:17Profile

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