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 Abram believed the LORD,

Ever consider how much it means to Father when we decide to REALLY trust Him? There's a lot riding on that decision for us, but there is also a special gift in it for Him! What else do we even have to give Him?

"Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD considered his response of faith as proof of genuine loyalty."
Gen 15:6 NET


This was sent to me and I was so touched by this simple question. Truth is I have not ever considered how much it might mean to the Father when I decide to "really" trust Him, or how much it must grieve Him when I walk in fear, worry and doubt. I was thinking on this much this morning and felt very convicted of the sin I have allowed self to walk in for some time now. I have used the excuse that "I" struggle with fear, with worry and so some how because I was struggling it must mean that I was trying but not once had I ever consider how deeply this sin in my life must hurt and grieve the Lord. Every time I doubt or give in to worry its as if I am saying "God your just not capable of caring for me, your just not able to really meet my needs or help me through." Its as if I am saying to Him, "God I just can't trust you this time the problem is to big." How that must hurt. After all that He has done for me it must grieve and hurt Him terribly that I still continue on in this sin and still will not believe and trust Him. If I truly loved Him there would be no doubt at all that HE has the very best for me and I can trust completely with out worry, with out fear. God has done so much, shown Himself so often to be the loving Father who cares for His children, over and over again. There is no excuse for doubt. I am ashamed of myself for my lack of faith, for my lack of loyalty toward my Lord. I know that HE forgives me and even in that I am seeing again HIS faithfulness! I know that there are struggles still coming, I know that there are times when in my flesh I may falter and look at the situation for a moment but in those moments I know He will be there still and that I can in faith walk with HIM! I now there is much work to be done in my heart and that my heavenly Father will see it through, but as each lesson comes and I am faced with the decision to trust and have faith, I pray I will always remember the sorrow that my fear and doubt causes Him and flee from it!

God bless

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 Re: Abram believed the LORD,

We believe God too, as did Abraham, or else we are not saved.

It would appear that beyond salvation, we cannot seem to trust God for much else.

Read this in Isaiah 30v2, 'Who walk to go down to Egypt, and have not asked My advice, to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh, and to trust in the shadow of Egypt.'

Remember, God is not a man that He should lie, yet we trust the words of liars, men, rather than the words of God.

It also tells us in Romans 14v23 that whatever is not from faith is sin. I know it speaks concerning food, but when we are told whatever, that seems pretty inclusive.

God bless.

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Just food for thought,is our faith truly from our hearts? Please give conscious thought and honesty before answering this question.

Have we really stepped out beyond an acknowledgement of belief in the work of christ at calvary? I dont think so.

We have a form of godliness as a whole, just in general. We are so shallow in our faith, we run into trouble and absolute panic comes into the heart, this is not to say that that cannot happen, but are in love and entangled in the world's way, it is all we knewfrom birth, at least most of us, so it will take the holy spirit, in his way and manner to help grow us up to a pure faith that doesnt question whether God is there or not. We are slowwwww to believe just like Jesus uttered so many times in the gospels.

This is only a thought, Oh what a brokenness we need, but trouble scares us, it frightens us, we feel that we are going to die and never come out of it, we are startled by the darkness of night "St John of the Cross". Yes, it is human nature, but maturity is so needed among us, we, the ones considered to be part of the church.

I now understand more than ever when Paul Washer stated, the work of Christ in our lives is all of grace, nothing of ourselves. we try to be so sanctumonius among other believers and even unbelievers, but we are full of dead mens bones, and until we come to the absolute end our working and dealings, we wil continue to live on a lost island. For many of us have lost ourselves, not in the biblical sense but in the self righteous sense, we are of no earthly good. Our heads are contextually and textually in the sky.

How about we just seek the lord until He helps us make sense of our mess.

With love, no fingers pointed at individuals, it is just a look of our faith, our religion, sort of speak, our lives as the said, "body of Christ".Do we really have faith like Abram? Were we happy to be relieved of our problems when we asked Jesus to come and dwell in our hearts? Or, Do we really follow Jesus? Do we really love Him?

Take care all and I look forward to responses

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 Re: Abram believed the LORD,

The phrase 'that Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness' is found in Romans 4:3; Gal.3:6; James 2:23.

These scriptures refer to an act[s] of Abraham and what was that and how did it play out? Study his life and there you will find your answer. I could tell you but I think you will experience much more delight in the hunt and discovery by doing it yourself!


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Abram believed the LORD,

He is worthy to be believed.

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