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 Schma...please hear me, brothers and sisters

i ask God to guide every word i type in this post to you all; God is too Good, too Holy, too Wonderful and too Fearsome to play games with.

You all see the current rumblings in the world this day 2 Feb 2011. The Fire has been lit, the Kindling placed and the Blaze is coming, therefore, in the Love of Messiah Jesus, i ask you all, in the Grace He has given me, to cast aside all the human diviseness we stack up like logs...away with them. Love one another in the Holy Spirit buried in your souls, precious to Him. Hate not your enemies, argue not over this doctrine or that doctrine, fear or hate not muslims, atheists, but reach up, take Jesus' Hand and hold onto Him as tight as you can.

Look at your Bible, as the Precious Gem it is, eat/read of it and get ready. its coming. i speak not in the vanity of my flesh, i speak the Truth the Christ, it's coming, the Day of the Lord.

Let us not only know the Word, but let us all fervently endeavour to KNOW God, face to face, fore He is our Father.

Fear not, yes though the coming days may be unlike any we have ever seen, and yes, some of us will lose our earthly lives, but we long for a City on the Hill, the Heavenly Jerusalem, and for those who keep there earthly lives in the days to come, you are Blood boughts slaves of Christ, Lamb of God, you will be tasked to bring Jesus' Love to a dead and dying fact, God may use you to be their last Hope.

My prayer in Messiah is that, you all, beloved brothers and sisters, rely not on my words SOLELY, but to take my words to the Lord, and let Him weight them in your hearts and souls. i am only a clay vessel like you, but He had me pour out my soul unto you all whom i love dearly.

and without being harsh, those who scorn what i have to say, you also take these words before the Lord.

the spirit of anti-christ is in the world, its a spirit of diviseness, contention, hatred, and fear, which i totally REBUKE IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST,

we, Church, must be one, echad, as He is One.

if you dont know what to pray, pray John 17 as Jesus did.

the Day of the Lord is coming. May you all be found without blemish, and recieved in Love by God, amen.

 2011/2/2 22:32

Joined: 2011/1/30
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 Re: Schma...please hear me, brothers and sisters

Precious little time left to fill your lamps with oil. Know Him!

 2011/2/2 23:30Profile


"Precious little time left to fill your lamps with oil. Know Him!"

Brother Neil and libertad, I've prayed all day over what's been happening here and The LORD reminded me of the ten virgins earlier this afternoon.

Why would the 10 virgins need lamps & enough oil - and How could any run out - UNLESS there is a space of time of darkness between the time that the signal or call is given, that He's coming and the time that Bridegroom does comes. The Brightness of His Appearing destroys His enemies - so why the 'lamps' and 'enough' oil to see one's way through, and through what?

From what the 5 wise virgins answer those who ran out of oil - it took 'work' to get their oil.

What we are seeing is the same war between serving GOD with flesh or in spirit, that's been from the beginning, since Cain and Abel, as Paul fought tirelessly, all the days of his ministry and ever since then, with all the different sects and denominations and schisms.

The Lamp is The WORD and the oil is His Spirit and flesh will always fight against both and want to do this walk it's way.

Flesh is not always blatant sin - but anything born of our own minds, intellect, understanding - anything that originates or is birthed from US-ourselves and not from HIM.

That's what The Body is fighting now - almost like labor pains - trying in many ways to birth Christ within them.

We need to pray for each other now more than ever. Pray for His Spirit to break-through and bring forth His Overcomers.

We won't be able to stop the fighting until 'HE' does something extreme and His Word tells us that these days ahead of us and how He works in lives, will be extreme.

Hang on to the Law of Love which is the spirit of the law and please pray as never before for all of His Saints everywhere, in Jesus' Name.

Thank you both, more than words can say at this time. GOD Bless us, everyone.

 2011/2/3 0:04

Joined: 2011/1/29
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Amen, JIG.

Mat 25:12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

We must press into Him. Know Him and not lean upon our own understanding.

 2011/2/3 0:10Profile


VERY good word "JIG".

good balm, wise words, we just hold His Hand tighter.

 2011/2/3 0:11


Bless you Brother Neil. GOD just did an 'extreme' - first with answering prayer and sending a Brother to post to a shared burden and then your other post and mine above were both posted within the same minute @ 21:04 --

Is that not an Awesome GOD Who 'is' Love, or what?

Bless GOD restinhim - wherever two or three are gathered in His Name - There He is! Bless GOD.

 2011/2/3 0:18


21:04...indeed, All Praise to God.

brother, its always been my heart that are NO accidents in Jesus.

beloved, my heart is both at the peace that transcends all understanding and at the same time ablaze with the Light of the Lord, while under, a river of grief, that i cannot fully explain, only to say, i know how Nehemiah felt upon that first terrible report from Jerusalem.

sleep will difficult, and that aint bad.

 2011/2/3 0:41


GOD's in control - Thank GOD!

The LORD knew who would be His before the foundation of the world. He knows who will come to Him before it's all over, as well. Before Rev 21.

Not to fear... He's near to the broken hearted as well - but He also asks - "When I return - will I find faith on earth?"

Overcomers have overcoming Faith in an Omniscient GOD.

Rest well in HIM - HE is Faithful - He will do it!

 2011/2/3 0:48


Here is an example of the godly behavior Natan4Jesus is advocating:

"The Rapture Will Occur January 8th 2011!
right here......Wayneman's posting is a TEXT EXAMPLE of what i mean by "weird" postings when i implored the forum to consider our ways when i wrote my "It's very sad what's been happening on this forum of late." post about a week ago.

what is wrong with you Wayne?

Don't you fear God?

you start playing games with His Word?, and in your post, i pray for your sake you didnt veer into the territory of committing the unpardonable sin.

my advice? repent immediately, privately, then publicly, and ask the moderators to lock this thread.

i dont know what impelled you to post as such; maybe you had 'i'm 5 years old' immature moment, or you're metally ill and/or demon possessed.....whatever the case, straighten up and fly right.

as i type this there's 54 visitors here, nice witness bud.

visitors, forgive our brother, he ate too many frosted flakes and the sugar made him a wee bit mental."

 2011/2/12 21:47


Hi WeirdLarry, I think you should have put up the thread that upset our Brother Neil, and some of the rest of us - myself included ....

So why are you bringing this up now? Are you one to always post in perfect 'emotions'?
Do you enjoy having your past slips rubbed in your face?

WeirdLarry, I just can't understand why you've done this post now.

 2011/2/12 22:36

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