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 I CAN’T TALK TO YOU…UNLESS! by David Wilkerson


Sadly, great numbers of Christians do not know God’s voice. Some can go for months, even years, without ever receiving an intimate word from the Lord in their inner man. Oh, God did speak to them at one time. But over the years, they’ve learned to silence his voice in their hearts. Others have been turned off by so much foolishness among those who believe that every word that pops into their minds is divine. Such people boast, “God told me”—yet the “word” they hear is only their covetous flesh taking voice!

If you want to know and hear God’s voice in the days ahead, be ready to have him speak of cleansing before he speaks of direction. Many Christians want God to tell them how to hold on to what they’ve earned, how to provide for their family, how to keep their business or career afloat. But the truth is, before God gives us a word of direction in any of these matters, he’ll speak to us about his commandments.

“These things I command you, that ye love one another” (John 15:17). God will first speak to you about your actions at home with your wife and children—about your quick temper, your grudges, your unforgiving spirit. He’ll point out every hidden, secret thing in your life—and he’ll lovingly tell you, “I want to be your adviser, your counselor, your guide, your protector, your provider. I want to walk with you through every trial and hardship. And I want to favor, bless and keep you by my Spirit. But first, you have to get honest with me about the hidden idols in your heart. Right now you’re holding on to them—but you must give them up! We simply can’t walk together unless we agree on these matters of your heart!”

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 Re: I CAN’T TALK TO YOU…UNLESS! by David Wilkerson

Bless GOD!

Carter Conlon mentioned in one of his messages that Brother David had moved Back to NY and Brother Carter wondered - for himself, why?

He felt strongly that Brother David had something to say to him personally - so finally he went to Brother David with that question and Brother David said basically, No.

Later Brother Carter felt compassion was the message and Yes, this is true - but I believe it's more that Brother David is resuming the ministry that he had before TSC and I'm Blessing GOD for this... if you know what I mean - the days when he wrote books and articles. I'm smiling and Thanking GOD.

It's hard to run a Church and give the same messages that you can when you're not... I believe it is, though that's just my opinion, that's all.

Just grateful - that's all as well. :)

Blessings Joyful Heart, for faithfulness.

 2011/1/28 12:31

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