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 Prayer for my friend Stan

I have a friend Stan Scott who just turned 29. He is a professing Christian and a few years ago he began to date a girl from what I know is not a believer kind of just like me and he began to fornicate with this girl. They moved in with one another and had a child who is now I think one years old or close to it. Before some of his friends at people at the Bible study told him they needed to get married and he at one time was quite convicted by it, but he is not as much anymore. Their are a few of our friends who actually believe that their is no where in the Bible that says you need to have a marriage ceremony to be married before God. They think the scripture considers you married when you make a union with your mate through sex, they say that is how the Old testament teaches marriage that when you make that commitment in your heart to be with that person and have a sexual union that is considered marriage in God's eyes. My friend has kind of bought into it I think a little, he sees that he is committed to this girl and has made a sexual union and now that God is fine with it. He also has told me he cannot afford to have a wedding to and a bunch of other reasons why he can't get married. I am not sure exactly what he should do, should he marry someone if their not a believer if they have a child or not, that to me is tough one. But, anyways I just have talked to him and he just is struggling so much, but he doesn't see this as a possible issue. Can you please pray for him that God would wake him up and also work in his life. I really want to see the Lord change is heart in many other ways, many people in the past have got angry at him too because he says things that many people don't appreciate. Can you pray for him for him for that too. Pray for his salvation too for I don't know where he stands. Pray that the Lord convicts him and speaks to him to turn completely to Christ.

John Beechy

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 Re: Prayer for my friend Stan

I will pray for him, also you may let him know a marriage liscense is only $50 and he can be wed by a judge which is free. Its not as romantic or glamorous but its would be the cheapest route to follow that conviction if he decides to follow it.

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Prayer for my friend Stan

Seems to me his reasons to not marry are just excuses. However, there is a greater issue here that concerns me. And that is the one concerning the unequal yoke. 2Corinthians 6:14. The fellow claims to be a Christian but his live-in does not. While in the sight of God they are both lost, the fact that the guy does have a sense of God and his live-in does not should give one pause: do not marry!

The theory that sex = marriage is just that: a theory. If this would be the case how would you explain the sins of fornication and adultery? What is it? Actually, under OT law adulterers were to be stoned, both males and females. The only ones who escaped were the ones who were raped and in that case the guy was to marry the girl with no opportunity to divorce here. Deuteronomy 22.

Ever thought what would happen today if adulterers were stoned? In the OT immorality was considered a crime punishable by death, just like murder. Does modern man regard this sin just as awful? Something to think about.

Sandra Miller

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