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So despite that I brought up Timothy's frequent infirities, you still ask for examples -- still wanting to blame all illness on curses from GOD or from Satan?

If this was the case - than why did Paul just tell Timothy to "take a little wine" for his stomach sake and frequent infirmities. Does wine break curses or bind Satan?

In this second reply to mine - IF you choose to believe that Christ has broken the curse on the cross for illnesses but Not for the sins of our fathers - I'm all but dumb struck. Have you no conception of what GOD in the flesh purchased and destroyed by His death and resurrection?

Any tie to the sins of the fathers is broken 'besides' full salvation - a New creation - with GOD now as our father.

How could you possibly think that Christ would say to us Now, I will save you - but you still have to pay for the sins of your ancestry?

If that's the case than, the New Covenant purchased All for us, but hasn't added the breaking off All curses, but has left just that 'one' curse for us to what? - work off? Do penence for? Go to a deliverance ministry to be set free from it?

How pray-tell do you tell people that you evangelize that they must be "set free" from their family tree?
When you witness to those on the street and they repent and experience true regeneration - do you ask them for their family history to be Sure that you've truly gotten them really 'cleaned up'?

I'm sorry if I find this very sad - that The GOD came in the flesh and took ALL the sins of the world upon Himself so that we can be called "innocent, redeemed, righteous, glorified" etc - but HE missed this one. That's news to me and news that I cannot find in my New Testament/Covenant.

 2011/1/24 11:59

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Have you read "Blessings or Curses" by Derek Prince?

I agree with what you are saying.

With being honest here on the forum with my brothers and sisters, for years I have hated myself... but God showed me that "self-hatred" is a sin... why would I hate myself? Sounds strange but I did.

Was it generational? maybe? because of some past junk in my family.

But God showed me that in Matthew 22:39 "we are to Love God and love our neighbor "as ourselves"

What was self-hatred doing? bringing on sickness in my life, and not allowing me to minister to others and when I repented of this, I was able to receive the love of our Heavenly Father, love myself and show love to others and much more. The physical sickness I had has not returned as well.

The key was I had to recognize the pattern in myself and in my family generation, repent and renounce it and remove it from my life and once I did this, then God was able to free me of this sin in my life of self-hatred.


Doug R

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IF you choose to believe that Christ has broken the curse on the cross for illnesses but Not for the sins of our fathers

He broke the curse for both, BUT, repentance is still necessary to appropriate the work of Christ on our behalf.

I will save you - but you still have to pay for the sins of your ancestry?

I am a father, and if I sin, do you think that my sin will affect my children? absolutely!!! today and in their generation depending on what sin I did. If I was a murderer, they would most likely be fatherless, because I would go to prison, they might become bitter and angry towards me and they would have to repent of that and not allow Sin to enter their hearts. If they don't what do you think will happen to their children? they will become bitter and the cycle of sin and bitterness continues UNTIL somebody repents.

Witnessing to somebody on the street is just the beginning. Once they repent for their sins, and establish a relationship with our Father in Heaven, He then can start to show them the sins of they past then can repent from.

Deut 28... look at the curses that happened as a result of not obeying God?

Hemorrhoids are a part of the curse... one of the oldest recorded diseases in God's word. People still get Hemorrhoids... why?


Doug R

 2011/1/24 12:11Profile


What you just descibed in your first reply above, was addressed earlier in this thread.

That is another 'environmentally caused' defect - but Not a "generational CURSE".

Yes, how we are raised can definitely "bend the twig" and only Christ's gentle guidance frees us - if we want to be "others minded" - Amen to that Brother. Being "others minded" has healed the worst cases of mental anguish that I've ever seen. "Commit your works onto the LORD and He will establish your thoughts."

Self-hatred, like all of these other hang-ups of ours are remedied by taking our eyes off of self long enough for GOD to use His method of deliverance - seeing how He created us to be "just like Him" - GOD and others minded only.

Not saying that the enemy himself can't come against a mind in order to stop any fruit coming from a potential threat to his kingdom, by causing a person to constantly look inward instead of Upward and outward. We do fight the world, the flesh and the devil and "looking at self" is what we all are battling on a daily basis. Looking at self is the fastest way to lose faith - it is the opposite of walking in faith and in His Spirit.

What you and all of us experience is not a generation "curse" but what we experienced by those who raised us. BIG difference.

Thank you for going into this further explanation. I can fully relate to what you've been through because of how I was raised - Amen to that - but The LORD has shown me that I'll only fall if I keep my eyes on me, instead of on HIM.

Thanks again!

 2011/1/24 12:17


To your second reply above - We do not have to "repent for the sins of our fathers."

As I tried to bring up early in this thread - each individual has been given a freewill to choose how they will act-out in this life - lest, we would not be held accountable for our 'own' sin.

I mentioned how such a large number who had alcoholic Etc type parents determined in their hearts that they would never be like their parents - by their own will - and these weren't even Saved yet.

Despite what you do as a father - yes, it could potentially have an affect on your children, but they will never be under a "curse of GOD" for your behavior. They can be "hurt" by what you do or do To them - but under the New Covenant - they are not responsible for anyone's sins but their own.

Hemmoroids in Israel - where GOD promised them health for obedience is different than the poor guy who ate too many carbs and got constipation so that he had to strain in order to pass his food and pushed these blood vessels out of proportion.
Sorry - I worked Medical too long and know the cause of hemorroids. /o:
No different than if you lift a far too heavy object and sprain or rupture a disk in your back.

All week I have thought that the book of Job was the First book written chronologically, they say.
If that book doesn't describe all there is to know about the enemy and how things work between us and GOD and the enemy than nothing does.
I'd much rather just stick to The WORD than any author when it comes to spiritual "life or death" topics such as we're discussing here. Derek Prince is not infallible, omniscient nor GOD.

Stay well!

 2011/1/24 12:33

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