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 Wondering about Bible Colleges

Hi, just want to know which Bible colleges are good in the U.S. to study theology. Comments will be much appreciated.

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 Re: Wondering about Bible Colleges


I am firstly promoting to people schools where their character will change and become servants of Jesus Christ as well as grow in the knoweldge of Him also. I will list a few of these schools that I believe that the emphasis on growing in our Spirits not just our heads:

GFA School Of Discipleship

Mount Zion School Of Ministry

Calvary Chapel Bible College

Ecclesia College

Now there are hundreds of others good schools that are "academically" inclinded and schools such as Moody Bible Institute and others are still great to attend to study theology. Also it depends what type of theology you want to study, if you are studying specifically reformed theology you might want to go to a school that specilizes in that!

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