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 Baptism of the Holy Spirit

How did you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

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 Re: Baptism of the Holy Spirit


I just read a great chapter on this in the book "Against The Wind" by K.P. Yohannan. One of the best books I have ever read on this subject is "Power From On High by John Greenfield." These will help you see a more biblical view of this. On a practical word I encourage you to just cry out to God for the filling of the Spirit that God promises for us. We are commended to continue to ask for this in our walk with Him. You must confess your lack and your desperate need before God for His glory in your life. It also takes perseverance of waiting on Him and praying much. There are no shortcuts in spirituality and God is more concerned with our maturity to handle blessings from Him then the actual giving of His gifts and Spirit.

Christianity Without The Spirit Of God Is Impossible! You Can't live it!

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 Re: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Jesus said " If we being evil know how to give good gifts to our children, How much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask?

Ask without fear. He knows we desperately need the Holy Spirit and you will receive what you ask for.



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 Re: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

How did you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Someone prayed for me. I didn't know they were praying for my baptism in the Holy Spirit, but that's what I got!

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Greg, excellent word!!! Russ

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 Re: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

After I was converted, someone said, "Now when are you going to get the Holy Ghost?" I went home and got into my bible to see what in the world they were talking about and I read and studied every instance of the words, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Spirit, tongues, gifts, etc and then asked God my Father for his Spirit. And something a woman said while preaching caught my attention, she said just what rufnrust said but she added, "Christmas is coming, if you want something from the Lord, ask Him. He gives gifts too!!!" So I did!

I was so bummed when Dec 25th came and went. Then a bunch of us from the church got together at someone's house and after dinner began worshiping the Lord. And there dressed in jeans, tee-shirt under a flannel shirt with tennis shoes (but it was 1978!) with arms raised on Dec 29th, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

God is good!!



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I agree with Greg: There are no shortcuts.

Often, I have found people who claim to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, but who seem incapable to live holy lives... there's a problem. Often, people will claim to be baptized with the Holy Spirit because they act strangely, actions that bear the mark of a counterfeit spirit.

We should always seek a greater closeness with the Lord Jesus Christ, and hence with His Spirit. The two go together. Bypassing one or the other is impossible.

Beware, many have been deceived. Someone can pray for power and excitement, and then receive something that looks like it... only it isn't from God. It turns out they didn't care to seek God in His Word, or seek His face in Christ Jesus, but wanted something else. In fact, the spirit they receive often will make them do things that contradict what is revealed about the Holy Spirit in the Bible, but they will dismiss this on the basis that "you can't limit God or put Him in a box".

Remember, God has spoken to us. Do you understand what that means? You want to know Him and be filled with the Spirit? Meditate on His Word! His Word is living and active. His Word revives the soul. His Word washes us. His Word has power. His Word is divine.

Meditate on His Word, and seek His face. Seek to understand His Word. Seek to be transformed by His Word. Seek to be soaked in His Word. Seek to know the mind of God. Seek to be conformed to His Word. Then, I guarantee you, that the Spirit of Christ will be so present in your life, that you will find no need for another kind of spiritual experience, because His Word and His Spirit will lead you into the power of a sanctified life of obedience.


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God is more concerned with our maturity to handle blessings from Him then the actual giving of His gifts and Spirit.

Very good brother. This is so true. The younger we are, the more we want gifts and miracles and spirit baptisms and signs and wonder-working power. But as we mature, we see paradoxically how immature we are and in need of the daily grace of God alone for sustainment. Miracles and wonder-workings and flashy gifts suddenly take a backseat, as all we now want now is fellowship at the feet of Jesus Christ. For this is the only lifeline of a saint's life, and all else is ancillary and subject to change.

God looks for this, I believe, and every year He shapes and forms us more and more to this image: that is, the gradual abandonment of self and all of its valor and potential with a divine and permament realignment instead to Christ and His imputed majesties. If you really boil it down, the reason we want the Spirit Baptism and gifts and power is to promote self. Cut away all the spiritual window-dressing and you'll see it to be true. We want to be used, we want God's power, we want to bring people into Kingdom of God and we want to be acknowldged in some shape of form for it. Nobody will admit this, but in your heart you know it to be somewhat true. If not here on earth, then we certainly want to be acknowldged at the Judgment during the dispensation of crowns. Any way you slice it - in one way or another - we want to promote self, for this is at the core of our Adamic nature as autonomous beings.

I believe it is God's aim to obliterate this polluted passion in us, and cause us to see that any gain or merit perferred upon us here or in eternity is from Christ's own treasury and given to us soley upon the basis of grace and mercy. It is when we come this understanding, this acceptance, that God can begin to make powerful headway with us, and entrust unto us His choicest gifts.

Paul Frederick West

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The notion that one has to strive for years to be baptized in the Holy Spirit is not a Biblical one. The gifts of the Spirit are clearly marked in Scripture and cannot be denied, unless one is a cessasionist and even they do not deny them, they just state that the sign gifts have ceased. While I thouroughly disagree with the cessasionist postion, I at least admire their honesty and the boldness of there position. And make no mistake, its a bold stance to make the claims that they do.

Now, men can build ministries without the Holy Spirit because it is simply the works of men. Brother Yun was astonished at what had been achieved in the West without the aid of the Holy Spirit. Yet in eternity, every ministry built on the wisdom of man and not the intitiation of the Holy Spirit is mere fodder for the fire, wood and hay and stubble. Without the power of God working in and through you by HIs Holy Spirit, nothing can be achieved. That is why the disciples were strictly warned not to do anything until they have been endued with power from on Frank

 2011/1/19 11:08

 Re: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Luke 11:13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall [your] heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

Father of everlasting, grace,
Thy goodness and Thy truth we praise,
Thy goodness and Thy truth we prove;
Thou hast, in honour of Thy Son,
The gift unspeakable sent down,
The Spirit of life, and power, and love.

The purchased Comforter is given,
For Jesus is returned to heaven
To claim and then the Grace impart:
Our day of Pentecost is come,
And God vouchsafes to fix His home
In every poor expecting heart.

Father, on Thee, whoever call
Confess Thy promise is for all,
While everyone who asks receives,
Receives the Gift and Giver too,
And witnesses that Thou art true,
And in Thy Spirit walks and lives.

Send us the Spirit of Thy Son,
To make the depths of Godhead known,
To make us share the life divine;
Send Him the sprinkled blood to apply,
Send Him our souls to sanctify,
And show and seal us ever Thine.

 2011/1/19 13:29

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