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 Pro-ject Life "Breaking The Silence" On Abortion


This is a wonderful new ministry starting up that is run by Brent Yim a very faithful follower of Christ who I met when at the Calvary Chapel Bible College over 5 years ago. I am excited about this ministry to help the helpless and be a voice for the 40 million abortions in the country of America.

"Speak up and judge fairly: defend the rights of the poor and needy."


PRO-ject LIFE was birthed out of a desire to confront the social injustice of abortion by visually portraying the reality that life begins at the point of conception and providing a database of resources that will be appropriate and helpful to those who are searching. We believe that raising awareness is the first step in our battle for the sanctity of life.

The statistics that surround abortion are sobering and millions of people have been deceived by the "Pro-Choice" agenda. Therefore our objective is to effectively confront this deception by supplying the general public with unadulterated information that efficiently exposes its fallacies and provides helpful guidance to those who are in need.

If you know of good abortion help ministries please contact Brent Yim and share them with him:

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