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 Re: Contact with aliens

The following may be helpful to this discussion:
"For most evangelicals, belief in UFOs has been more a matter of amusement than concern, but in today’s postmodern culture this movement needs to be taken seriously.

We should be aware of at least seven key issues while addressing those who believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. "

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Thank you for the responses.

The whole issue (of aliens, UFOs, extra-terrestrial beings) had shaken my faith - it clearly has a (highly effective!!) deceptive nature. I think if you step back and try to see its strategic logic, you see how effective it is at undermining the fundamental tenets of the faith (with e.g. claims that God is an imaginary creation etc.)

I was directed to this Christian panel discussion just on the very topic:

It's an excellent scientific, reason-based and Biblical investigation into the phenomena.

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This last link you have posted is excellent.
Thank you ET101.


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Yes, it really is excellent, isn't it? They've done an awesome job.

I emailed 'Reasons to Believe' before I posted the link to the forum. They don't have problems with it being on youtube. So I figure if they produced it, it's on youtube, then it only now remains to spread it as far and wide as possible.

I have slipped into this thread all the likely tags someone might use to search this forum on the subject (like aliens, UFO, paranormal etc).

Please post it to your facebook. More importantly, if you have a youth group in your church, please get the link to them. Please link to it on your websites. Attach it on your mailing lists. Please share, share, share.

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