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 Good books of T Austin Sparks to start with


What are good books of T. Austin Sparks to start with?

God Bless



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 Re: Good books of T Austin Sparks to start with

Dear Lee,

Four favourite items:
The School of Christ
Pioneers of the Heavenly Way
But Ye have come to Zion
The Spiritual meaning of Service

Digital copies for free at:

Blessings as you begin to read.
Lars W.

Lars Widerberg

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Just stumbled upon the following:


Don't recall coming across this before.
Looks to have some good links.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Good books of T Austin Sparks to start with

I can highly recommend reading T.A. Sparks' bi-monthly magazine [i]A Witness and a Testimony[/i]. You can read some of these online at [url=]A Witness and a Testimony[/url]

This magazine has been a great blessing to me personally and contains many articles that edify and build up from Sparks and a few others as well. Well worth a look!

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: Good books of T Austin Sparks to start with

In addition to the ones lwpray gave us, there’s a lot of foundational Truth in:

Work in the Groaning Creation

The Ultimate Issue of the Universe

Faith Unto Enlargement Through Adversity



“The Great Transition From One Humanity to Another”

Note: This book contains a series of messages given at a conference in July, 1968, by our brother T. Austin-Sparks just shortly before he went to be with our Heavenly Father in glory. Having received so many spiritual benefits from these messages, we feel that God would have us to share them with the Church, His Body.
Therefore, in an effort to retain the Holy Spirit's anointing upon them, we have sought to preserve these addresses in their original spoken form, with very little gramatical correction. We feel our brother Sparks has left behind an abundant spiritual legacy for the members of Christ's Body because we have found these messages have brought us into a fuller and greater revelation of the Heavenly Man. And it is our sincere prayer to God that this book will help furnish in His Body what is needed until we all come to see what Paul saw in the Heavenly New Man of glory.
The Scriptures used in this book are from various translations of the Bible.

This book is available free upon request by writing to:
12000 East 14th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74128

There’s also an online copy at the address crsschk gave us

Roger P.

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 Re: Good books of T Austin Sparks to start with

You can also access the periodical "Witness and Testimony" from the following site:


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