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 Seemingly crazy ? about praying...

Okay. There are times that when I come before God in prayer that I have this feeling within me that feels for the lack of better words, weird (but in a good way). To further explain the feeling... It is as if I am overwhelmed with joy, but at the same time a sincereness, so when I am praying I feel like shouting, or like I have a lot of words within me that need to come out, but my mouth just can't move fast enough. When I am feeling like this, I also feel like I can stay on my knees in prayer forever, but I'll tell myself that it is not necessary for me to stay on my knees in prayer forever, and once I say all that I feel that I need to say before God, I should just get up because anything else will just be me being on my knees. However, when I get up, I feel incomplete, but because I am normally spending most of my time in prayer in the late hours of the night due to me having kids and that is the best time... I convince myself to go to bed so that I am not as tired when having to wake for work.

That may seem like a lame excuse (the work thing), but last week was for some reason a really hard week for me in terms of "alertness" on my job. I felt as if I was having out of body experiences I was just so tired! I remember reading something (I "think" it was a scripture) where it mentioned that it is better to have one sleepless night before God, than many sleepless nights in hell. I feel that, and have tried to pattern my life after such, but it kicked my rear last week!

So, my question is... Has anyone else experienced a feeling like this while praying, or is it just something "weird" going on with me and I need not to pay any attention to it?

I appreciate any responses to this. God Bless!

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 Re: Seemingly crazy ? about praying...

Sounds like Romans 8:26

Wayne Kraus

 2011/1/9 19:00Profile

 Re: Seemingly crazy ? about praying...

Maybe you'd like to hear this talk from Alan Bartley, in which he describes being desperate to pray, and says much more. It's a great talk anyway. You won't feel crazy!

 2011/1/9 19:00

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 Re: Seemingly crazy ? about praying...

Most likely God still wants you to pray. Just be on your knees and ask God what he wants to tell you/pray for. Be still and listen to him. If you feel funny, maybe sing some worship songs while waiting. It may take several nights (not sure how many nights) but my suspicion is most likely it will be pretty fast for you base on what you've gone through and your love for him (based on what I read of your posts here). This is what I believe you are experiencing. Talk to God--let him know that you've finished praying but you feel incomplete when you get up. Is it he wants you to pray some more/listen to him or what.

Sometimes God can be very 'clear' eg: making you kneel down. At other times he can be very subtle eg: just a feeling/thought. My case is usually very subtle and you always wonder whether its God or not until you actually do it and you realize its him--usually for me in this type of cases, I will know almost immediately when I do what I think he's asking.


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 Re: Seemingly crazy ? about praying...

Whatever you do, don't resist it. There is always that feeling that you should get up and go, but endure it and stay down, unless it's imperative that you have to go. I have experienced this joy on a few occasions and I would say, enjoy it to the fullest for it will not last forever.

The Joy will last forever, but us enjoying it will not. It comes in seasons and your in that season and I would say to you, enjoy it while you can.

 2011/1/12 23:09

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