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College Station, TX

 David Ravenhill at Deeper Waters - Highly Recommended

In an hour where the spiritual waters are muddied with compromise, apostasy, and idolatry, it is encouraging to know there are men of truth still crying in the wilderness.

David Ravenhill, by God's grace, is such a man. This past weekend he ministered to us at the Deeper Waters Retreat in College Station, TX and there was great feasting on the word of God!

I thoroughly recommend the 4 messages that Greg just put up on the site as a refreshing challenge from a man who not only preaches the true word, but lives it as a lifestyle.

From personally fellowshipping with him, he is as real as they come. He vowed to the Lord to minister wherever the Lord called Him to, small crowd or large. We had about 60 people at the retreat, and he was always very approachable, personable, and ready to spend time to teach us. He also went to bed early each night so he could rise to meet with His King.

His character is sharp, and spiritual maturity is his theme. He has seen ups and downs in ministers and ministry, but teaches people deep roots in the foundation of Christ and His word.

For all of the talk about Paul Cain and the "false prophetic", I recommend David Ravenhill's new book which is to be released soon called "Surviving the Anointing."

It is a challenge for men to be grounded in the word and led by the Spirit in dependence, humility, and intimacy, and to finish the race with perseverance. Having interacted with many ministers over the years, he is a man who knows how to "correctly divide the word of truth".

Having lunch with him after the conference was a great blessing, and I'm thankful for the time we had with him.

Praise God, and may the Lord raise up more men who fear and worship Him, and not man.

Ryan Couch

 2004/11/10 16:47Profile

Joined: 2003/10/29
Posts: 62
College Station, TX

 Re: David Ravenhill at Deeper Waters - Highly Recommended

The first talk highlights our need to see the true purpose of the cross, that of God rescuing a man for His purposes, not because of sin.

The second talk features a start to finish "plan for the ages" that God has revealed through the scriptures as His ways and purposes on the earth. Includes Israel, the church, the nations, etc.

The third talk speaks of God's Habitation. What kind of environment does God settle in? Speaks of Holiness, worship, surrender. We need more 'habitation' and less 'visitation'.

The fourth talk caps everything off with a stirring call to prayer. He includes 6 or 7 words that begin with 'w' that are huge helps to prayer. If you feel stagnant on how to pray more than 15 minutes, this is a huge help. Great wisdom here from his father, and many great men over the years.

Praise God!

Ryan Couch

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Hi Couch,

Welcome, just noticed this, a lot of activity around here and sometimes things just get buried or bumped off the main page as other posts come in.

Here is a link to the messages:
[url=]David Ravenhill[/url]

Also, like the tittle of that upcoming book...for all the wrong reasons of course.

Mike Balog

 2004/11/15 8:17Profile

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