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 The single heart - JC Ryle

"The single heart is a heart which is not only changed, converted, and renewed; but thoroughly, powerfully, and habitually under the influence of the Holy Ghost. It is a heart which abhors all compromises, all luke-warmness, all halting between two opinions in religion. It sees one mighty object, the love of Christ dying for sinners. It has one mighty aim, to glorify God and do His will. It has one mighty desire, to please God and be commended by Him. Compared with such objects, aims, and desires, the single heart knows nothing worthy to be named. The praise and favor of man are nothing. The blame and disapprobation of man are trifles light as air. “One thing I desire, one thing I do, one thing I live for:” this is the language of the single heart."~~J.C. Ryle

Acts 2:46
And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart.


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 Re: The single heart - JC Ryle

One thing that I have found out is that this process of a single heart is absolutely impossible for the natural man or for any of us here to do or perform in our own strength.

I have lived and tried and failed and made new affirmations and promises to God and seld, but this is an absolute work of the Holy Spirit, and it must be honored.

I have not achieved this singleness of heart as one could critique, nor would I boast it if I did, but God will work in us His good pleasure as it is fitting and filling to the Master.

Grace, ahhhhh grace, it is a work of absolue grace, and I am so thankful that the single heart has nothing to do with me, but all of the spirit's work in the life of every human being.

Apart from Jesus, we can do absolutely nothing, nada. We need to be broken and built back up again in a totally different manner.

The matter of the modern day religious church, filled with pharisees and saducees, name it claim it gospel, "repeat after me" gospel, snap you fingers results, You who have been knee deep in such rhetoric will find out that God will have more for your life, and it will require a breaking, a re-making of what has been programmed or imbedded within your frame work.

It is called being conquered by the Holy Spirit, for one will find that they really have nothing to offer God but what God desires for the life.

Be broken and allow God to tear down imaginary, unrealistic, and impostered versions of His power and goodness. He will replace it, this I am sure of!

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