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 Re: Question about barrier in preaching.

You might want to consider a time, before the message for the CONGREGATION to give thanks to God for what he has done (pray for recently although His general goodness and character is praise). Thanking God in the congregation is biblical, increases faith/can be the first step of faith. If there is silence, it is a testimony to them and you can in your open prayer, thank God for what He is GOING TO DO. As testimony grows, the reality of God breaks through. The spiritual condition of the Body will be made clearer to you, hunger increases,and many other things ...

You might want to consider a time of silent prayer, one-two minutes, immediately after your message: “If God has spoken to you somewhere in this message, take this time now to meet with him, if it is about sin, agree with God and ask for forgiveness, if it is a burden then express it to Him, whatever He has impress on your heart and mind ...” This can end the snatching away of the Word. This can introduce the prayer closet ...During that silence, the whole sanctuary is a prayer room. For me there is nothing worse than having heard from God in a preached Word and immediately at the end of the service a “neighbor” turns to me with “So where are you going for lunch”, or some such thing. It is a baby step for APPLICATION of what they hear. It may seem strange to you but I recall learning “Oh, you mean NOW?” about confessing sins and being cleansed. This increases the opportunity for immediate obedience. Closeted away with God, no one sitting in the pew beside them, no one (preacher) between them and God. In that silence, you PRAY silently in faith, believing prayer, that God break through to them. Like you be the congregation's prayer partner. You know God desires to reveal His Son, for the Body of Christ to be discerned both in that congregation and in your community. Who are you that God breaks through to you?

Consider this: When Paul left an area, he always gave a parting prayer/blessing. Do that also with the divine Love He has given you for these sleepy, hard of hearing dear ones. Let them leave covered in His Love. What joy when you have just been cleansed from sin.

As to what results you see? Bottom line: It is of no matter to you. Remember your call. (A Chinese prison camp is not the place to wonder if God really called you China.) God calls for a sword from His faithful servant, who fetches it, and then waits as He uses it and listens for the next sword God calls for. Doing otherwise puts you at great risk for pride when there is a response or depression when there is not – a trick of the enemy.

There are a few other things that may be of help but I am a woman and not a pastor. These come out of what I have witnessed in the Body of Christ and in the prayer room. [Edit/addition: I am impressed to add that this week in my bible study group (Isa.) a woman over 80 years old and a long time bible teacher said "I don't really have assurance of salvation. Can you help me?"] I have prayed for you and am encouraged.

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