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I was just wondering if anyone has ever felt convicted for not feeling convicted? When you felt this way how did you interpret this? How did you deal with this? What did you find in this experience?

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Conviction?

Removed. My post does not make sense. I cant explain what i'm trying to say.


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 Re: Conviction?

I was just wondering if anyone has ever felt convicted for not feeling convicted?


Usually with a besetting sin that this occurs, and it's when we become used to a sin that afterwards we feel that conviction. It's like subconsciously we expect that conviction after being used to something over a long period of time. When it doesn't appear, we panic.

Why hasn't this mechanism kicked in, what has happened?

It doesn't mean that God is finished with us, it means that He wants us to take notice that what we are doing does not produce the righteousness of God in Christ.

The Lord will forgive us of our sins and continually cleanse us from all unrighteousness. However, He expects us to endure temptation and to trust Him that He is able to deliver us. And that is a hard request, especially if a besetting sin has been with us for a long time, but the feat is not impossible.

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 Re: Conviction?

I believe it happens quite often for many Christians. The feeling of getting used to our sins is what causes this to happen. Its hard to describe because we become so dormant to the sin that we don't even recognize it as sin anymore. When we don't feel convicted it is a dangerous thing. Detrimental to the Christian. I would argue it as one of the most successful tools of destruction the Devil uses on a child of God. I feel this way sometimes. I interpret it as an attack from the Devil. God wants us to recognize our sin, not ignore it. I deal with it by forcing myself to think hard about what it is I am not feeling convicted about. I consult close friends and ask them if what I am ignoring is even sin or not. Through their help and prayer, I am able to discern what I need to know. My prayer is that Christians don't become dormant to their sin. It is dangerous and detrimental to our faith in Christ.

Lucas Hughes

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