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 Re: Authority

I was struck by the lack of authority in this book. In the first few pages David Platt tells how he saw his mentor challenge a group to die to themselves, giving up all to follow Christ and how these people, contrary to American culture, responded in droves. Taken by this incident, Platt decided to preach the same sermon himself but only got angry stares. The thing that struck me in this incident is that David Platt is a man without authority. There is no reality behind his words, he does not demonstrate how God brought him from mimicking someone else's sermon to speaking from the life within him.

The book uses the three testimony format where people from different age brackets have found meaning by "stepping out of their comfort zone." My impression of the testimonies is akin to how Art Katz reacted to the prophetic/apostolic phenomena where people had adopted a phraseology without the corresponding reality. It made me feel very angry that the Name of the Lord was being defamed by light and easy treatment of this profound call to absolute consecration.

I pray that the Name of Christ Jesus would be glorified in true sons for His Name sake.

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I hear ya Oracio. :-)

Jimmy H

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The series he preached called "Follow Me" also dovetails perfectly with the Radical series. The book is just a shadow of the teaching in these two series.

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