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 General Misconceptions from Wikipedia

Here is a large list of things that many folks believe are true but either aren't true or are mostly untrue.

I had thought until recently that the Immaculate Conception referred to Jesus' virgin birth. It doesn't. But according to this, it also doesn't refer to Mary's virgin birth (which I don't believe in) either. It refers to the belief that Mary was not subject to original sin from the first moment of her existence, when she was conceived. Of course there is no scriptural support for this, it is fabrication by early Catholics.

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 Re: General Misconceptions from Wikipedia

What does "subject to sin" mean?


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What does "subject to sin" mean?

You will have to ask the Catholics who came up with this ridiculous piece of theology for the answer to that. If I didn't make it clear in my original post: I do not believe in the Immaculate Conception or the virgin birth of Mary.

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 Re: Mary is deified

Maybe some ex Catholics could speak to this proficiently. Even after Mary gave birth to Jesus she is said not to have had other children. Poor Joseph? Never to have consumated his marriage? What of the brothers and sisters of Jesus? They become cousins in order that Mary could stay immaculate. To whom was Mary refering when she speaks in Luke 1:47 of her Savior? If you don't have sin then what need have you of a Savior? Saved from what? The deception goes on and on.

It's sad the lengths men will go to in order to support error. The traditions of men render scripture of no effect. Mathew 7:13.

We Protestants need to learn by example. We have not faired much better when it comes to the traditions we have adopted! We criticize the apostacy of Catholicism and the most flagrant examples of worldly churches on tv yet we remain untouchable by a spirit of unwillingness to examine ourselves.

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