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 DVD RELEASED: Street Preacher... a day in the life of.


This is another great DVD release from the Go, Stand, Speak ministry:


Introducing a brand new documentary-reality show that reveals the truth about street preaching...

Watch a clip of the Brand New DVD Release "Street Preacher...a day in the Life. Episode I"
Pre-order Now for Only $13.99! Scheduled Release Date is 2-1-11

About The Show:

Welcome to "Street Preacher...a day in the Life." People are used to seeing typical preachers all the time… in the pulpit, on TV, teaching in a classroom, and when they do, rarely do they think it's something unusual.

On the other hand, very seldom do we experience "street preachers." And when we do, it often causes us to wonder. You may even ask, "Is it biblical to preach the gospel "publicly" like that? What about those people who don't want to hear the message?" Street preachers cause many other questions as well. "Does this harm the message of Christianity?" "Is it lawful to preach on the corner?" "Do street preachers have jobs and families?" "Are they mentally stable?" "Should more Christians be street preaching?" Many questions such as these arise, even within the church

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