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 Is The modern day interpretation of the Prodigal at odds with the old?

Have we lost the original interpretation of the Prodigal due to the influence of so many within the church who believing themselves saved, are only holding onto a false assurance?

Was the Prodigal Dead and Lost up to the point he repented in his Fathers arms or did he just backslide?

Many today will say they too were a Prodigal Son or Daughter. Stating they were saved and then fell into the practice of sin for a time until they came once again to repentance. That does not seem to meet the description of the Prodigal of Luke who was DEAD AND LOST before he came to repentance? So will the real Prodigal please stand up?

A.W.Tozer has a wonderful sermon on sermonindex called "What think ye of Christ". It labors a bit in the beggining but towards the end of the sermon he produces a brilliant tale of souls afloat after a ship goes down in the sea and a lifeboat that is seen in the distance. I won't ruin it for you if you haven't heard it but it makes incredible sense of how many approach this parable. It also gives a clear and concise answer to the population of the church today. It can also be a wonderful tool for evangelism to the churched.

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