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First, God Himself keeps me going. He promised that He would complete the work He has begun.

Secondly, nourishing my spirit in His word and prayer.

Third,fellow believers who are excited about the Lord.

Also testifying before men His whole counsel and Gospel. When the Spiritual water flows out I and others are blessed. When it remains pooled it becomes stagnant and bitter.

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 Re: What keeps you going?

Words are inadequate to express what is in my heart, but what keeps me going primarily is my love for the Lord, and the KEEN AWARENESS of the battle going on in the heavenlies! When the enemy tries to knock me down, and I am tempted to quit and think that it is no use, the Lord reminds me that I am needed to stand in the gap...that the church is in a very sad state and so utterly watered down... if I give up and quit, as is true of so many of you, who will pray for revival? Who will stand against the enemy for my family? Why God chose me to be a part of the remnant is beyond me....In the natural, I am the weakest of the faith falters at every turn...but I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that I have been called by God for a purpose in His kingdom, and I want to be found faithful. As I said, words are inadequate - I hope some of this makes sense.

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This is a great subject to discuss, in my opinion, because it corners you with a dose of reality.

Why do we continue on with God? If you think about it -after all these years, all the failures, all the disappointments and hardships and the antagonistic swayings of life - how in the world can we find the strength and willpower to continue on with God each day? And yet we do! I have quit things in life that have given me a fraction of the emotional distress as serving God has. I have quit jobs, relationships for a fraction of the pain as compared to being a follower of Christ.

In the beginning, following Christ was new and exciting, fresh and vibrant with daily showers of glory. But now, I go whole months without a perceptible touch or thrill from God. Failure, disappointments, staleness...even abject despair at times run the show, and visceral visitations from the Lord seem to be as rare as finding a four-leafed clover in Antarctica. But, despite all this, we continue on. And not only continue on - we have inexpressible joy as a bedrock to our faith. Joy, even after failures; joy beneath our all our soul-despair. How is this possible?

"It is God who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure" (Phil. 2:13). This verse, in my estimation, explains best of all why the New Birth is absolutely imperative and indespensible: we need God's Spirit within to miraculously enable us continue on with Christ. It is by God's workings and not my own, for if it were of my own, I would have thrown in the towel years ago on Christianity and walked away defeated.

But there always seems to be a reserve strap to pull when the main canopy fails to open. When Satan shoots you out of the sky and you're falling to the earth in a ball of flames, it can look pretty bad. Death is certain upon impact with the groud, and hellfire awaits. But a true child of God never seems to hit the ground and die, does he? He cries out to His Lord, and is scooped up moments before impact and saved, restored and put back in the sky to continue the voyage.

The intuition to cry out to God in peril is spiritually-intrinsic to a person indwelt by the Holy Spirit. In the same way a baby inheritantly cries out to his mother and father when hurt or in need or afraid, so the son or daughter of God cries to the Father who is able to "keep us from falling". What father or mother here would not immediately drop everything to tend to their child's endangered safety?

God does such a radical new work in us when we are initially born-again that it just keeps evolving and evolving despite all the setbacks we encounter. Even our failures and sin work together for good to those who are called by God, according to His purpose. A child who is of God cannot continue in sin, because to continue in sin while indwelt by the Holy Spirit is an impossibility. It is by the power and influence of God that we have come to loathe sin and seek His daily strength like beggars at the gate.

Paul Frederick West

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Jesus has become my best friend. If all else in the world forsake me He will never. He will finish the good work He started in me and will guide me, correct me and love me to the end.

In His Presence is where I long to be. What would I do every morning if it were not for Him in my life? He is my life and I love & long to be with Him in the morning. Quiet and all alone with Him.

And I can go to His Throne of grace and mercy any hour for others who are in need of His help knowing He has heard and is working on their behalf.

Most of all the knowledge I am saved, delivered and set free from the ugliest of a sinner. I am washed, clean and am His Bride. Unworthy and not deserving but forgiven for all. And now I can walk hand in hand with my best friend, my Savior, my Lord with peace and joy. I will know Him when He comes for me for we have been together here on earth. I love Him because He first loved me. Amen and Glory to our God.

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