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 If we are unfaithful, He remains faithful...

2 Timothy 2:13.

If we are unfaithful He remains faithful….
What does that mean?

In order to understand any Scriptural truth, we have to understand it within the context.
Paul begins chapter 2 of 2 Timothy with an exhortation to Timothy that he should pass on the truth he had heard from Paul in the presence of many witnesses to faithful men.
There are conditions to teaching others the truth passed down from the Apostle. Timothy did not have the freedom to teach others what he heard from Paul unless that was in the presence of many witnesses.
He could not say: “Paul taught me this or that..” without others confirming the fact that he did hear the Apostle say it.
Another condition was to pass these truth to faithful men that are liable to teach others. These men also were required to have witnesses while they were taught by Timothy. They couldn’t say: “Timothy taught us this or that” without other witnesses confirming it.
The truth of God was to be delivered down from the Apostles to different generations through a chain that is not to be broken.

The Apostle Paul was taught directly by the Lord Jesus, but from that point on there is to be liability. But now we have the written Word. We all have access to that truth.
In verse 9 of chapter 2, Paul says that although he is bound because of the testimony of the Lord Jesus, yet God’s Word is not bound and can not be bound. God will make sure that the Word will have a free course,
Verses 11 and 12 contain four if’s or conditioned promises.
If we have died with Him, we will live with Him.
If we endure, we will reign with Him.
If we deny Him, He will deny us.
If we are unfaithful, He will remain faithful, He will not deny Himself.

Notice that verses 12,13 are not saying if we are unfaithful toward God, He will remain faithful towards us anyway. It is rather saying: If we deny Him or are unfaithful towards Him, He will deny us. But He will remain faithful , He will not deny Himself.
What does that mean that God will not deny Himself? Remember the context of the chapter is “ Teaching the Word in faithfulness” There is a price tag that comes with teaching the Word or proclaiming the Gospel. That price is suffering and chains as the Apostle Himself experienced. That is tempting to some to forsake that task and try to preserve their lives. But what did the Lord Jesus say of those who try to preserve their lives in this world. They will lose it, “but he that loses his life for my sake and the Gospel’s will find it“. The Lord Jesus has forewarned of the cost that will accompany preaching the Word of the kingdom, and the temptation to forsake such a task to preserve one’s own life. Therefore Paul encourages Timothy to behold the promise of dying now to live later. To persevere now to reign later.
Promises are not always promising in a “positive” sense. There are promises of God that are frightening such as the promise to deny those who will deny Him.
Our Lord Jesus also gave the same warning.

Have you ever thought that there are things God can NOT do.
Well, the Bible tells us there are things God can not do. One of those things is: “He can not deny Himself”.

The conclusion:
God will not deny Himself. God will make sure His Word will have free course, If not by us, He will use others who are more faithful to do the job, but He will make sure His Word will be proclaimed because He can not deny Himself.
Blessed are the feet of those who bring glad tidings of the good news of the kingdom, but those who deny Him, them He also will deny.


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 Re: If we are unfaithful, He remains faithful...

Hello UntoBabes

God's Word will not return void and what He says will come to be even when we as a people are unfaithful

God promised Israel to take them to the promise land yet several times their unfaithfulness caused Him to threaten to destroy them. In turn Moses would remind Him of His promise so God would repent and the jews would continue on. Finally they crossed a line when through their unbelief they refused to enter into the promise and he sent them all back into the wilderness to die other than the two would have entered in and did but with a different generation

Israel was unfaithful and rebelled against God......... Still God was faithful to Israel and to Himself. He still brought Israel into the promise land and still destroyed those who rebelled against Him.........

Thus Paul warns christians not to fall into the same sin of unbelief but by the Church not taking Paul's warning out of context and comparing it line upon line in agreement with God's Laws and Isaiah 28 9-13, the church has fallen into he sin of unbelief.

Worse than that because it has been so long since the truth of how to overcome sin has been taught, the church remain clueless to their responsibility to become a holy people by overcoming sin and being obedient to God.

God has provided a way for us to receive the promise of living an abundant life without sin and in harmony with Him however the church does not teach that we are to be sinless and sin no more. Just like Israel those christians who rebel and do not gain the mind of Christ that never sins will not enter the rest consequently they will be destroyed.

Meanwhile those who are obedient will enter the promise thus God will be faithful and deliver His promise to the obedient ones..... as well as to the rebellious ones.

Many times there is critical knowledge to be gained by studying a scripture in context but if one does not learn how to lawfully remove it from context and compare the verse line upon line with "many witnesses" that are found throughout the Bible, ones growth in Christ will remain stunted and they will never become one-hundred fold overcomers.

God never said for us to keep the scriptures in context and in fact taught us within His laws for determining the truth how "rightly divide the word" amongst "many witnesses" that are other verses in the Bible and not other people standing around listening to Paul.

The term "any verse taken out of context is pretext" is a saying that coined by Satan and not God



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