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 Re: What if others are healed by a miracle?

This morning I thought of something else that I would like to share.

After Regina died the LORD asked me a question: how are you going to deal with reports of people who had this kind of cancer but were healed supernaturally? OH! Oh. Well... (To give you a little perspective, back when Gina was infected with glioblastoma, there was only a 5% survival rate. To survive it at all required a miracle.)

How am I going to deal with people who insist that if we had faith she would have been healed? EEEeeeekkk.

OK. What is the truth? This is where comforts begins, not always painless but it is found there. Jesus says He is Truth. Never forget that.

In our case, Gina was anointed with oil at least three times, including one for her unborn child. Thousands of people prayed for her - she was well known by many people. I even looked into the possibility of her entering clinical trials for some treatment. During this process I got the sense to not do this which was confirmed to us by my brother-in-law and his wife who are professionals in the physical/biological sciences. They discouraged it - interesting considering that the BIL has done research himself. They said "DYING IS NOT THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN TO A PERSON!" I had come to the same conclusion about the same time.

A very important truth for me to remember is that through all of this God was with us, providing us with EVERYTHING we needed. Simple. That is all. The fact that Regina died was no accident - He planned it all and in the process cared for us as well. This is the truth. And God was right in the middle of it all. God said "no" so let us accept this fact.

Now if God were to decide to heal somebody I will rejoice with them! I would be glad for them because I know their life's mission is not done. Gina's was - to live beyond that would be disastrous spiritually. God had blessed us with her presence for 25 years and for that we should be thankful - and we are.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the LORD!

Comfort is always found in the LORD...ALWAYS. ALl you have to do is submit.

JB1968 wrote:

Thankfully we have someone much bigger than ourselves to lean on!

God bless you, JB...I know this will be a reality. Just hang tightly onto his hand.


Sandra Miller

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Thank You Lord we have the Comforter. It is so sad to realize there are people who do not have Him to turn to. How tormenting for them.

This Dec. 22nd. is the second year of my Mother's passing. And Dad went Home 6 months later. One year ago this past June.

Step Dad in his grief for Mom said, Mom got Jesus for Christmas. This was actually very comforting.

It was a time for being in shock & grief and all sorts of emotions. But I chose to draw as close to the Lord for He is my Rock, He is my Solid Rock and I just hung onto Him in the Word, in talking to Him. It has taken a while to give myself permission to grieve. I still have tears.

People said I should have......I should.....I should have....etc. I just ran to the Rock of my Salvation and hid in with Him.

Another person said, no one has the right to say when we should grieve, how long or even how. It is ours and ours alone. Except for the Lord. And I found this true. It is between us and the Lord.

The Lord gives us things to our heart to comfort us. One of mine is that my parents who bore me are together in Heaven. I was not raised in a Christian home but the Lord revealed His love to us and we embraced Him.

My heart and my prayers goes out to all who have lost loved ones. He is faithful. He is all together lovely in His care for us. May our Lord wrap His arms around you like only He can and bring you comfort. Amen

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My prayer right now is that you simply strengthen the heart of Pamy through this time and moment of grief. Help Lord as only you can and no one else.

You are our strength, and please, become Pamy's song, Oh my Lord, the heart of Pamy is broken n steadily breaking, and may you be the absolute source during this time and season of life.

I plead this in Jesus Christ magnificent name

For with His stripes we were healed

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Thanks for the prayers. God is still on the throne. The funeral is tomorrow (Tues.).


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