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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Continuous Revival by Norman Grubb

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 Continuous Revival by Norman Grubb

This is a 13 page booklet written in 1952, when NPG was General Secretary of the World Evangelization Crusade.

From the Preface:

"The transforming truth of that statement took time to sink in and is still sinking in! It began to shake me out of the misconception of years that revival could only come in great soul-shaking outpourings of the Spirit. Thank God for such when they do come; they have been the great and precious hurricanes of the Spirit in the history of the Church. But I saw the defeatism and almost hopelessness that so many of us had fallen into by thinking that we could do nothing about revival except pray, often rather unbelievingly, and wait until the heavens rent and God came down. But now I see that "revival" in its truest sense in an everyday affair right down within the reach of everyday folk to be experienced in our hearts, homes and churches, and in our fields of service. When it does burst forth in greater and more public ways, thank God; but meanwhile we can see to it that we are being ourselves constantly revived persons, which of course also means that others are getting revived in our own circles. By this means God can have channels of revival by the thousands in all the churches of the world! And this is just what I found in Africa, and what I am attempting to describe in these pages; not, all glory and praise to God, just the passing on of a mere theory, but what has come to me by living with and seeing continuous revival in action among communities of hundreds in Africa; by experiencing the same working of the Spirit in my own life; by examining and grasping in some measure the Scriptural basis of this continuous revival, and finally by seeing God move in revival in many others through the presentation of the message and testimony..."

Wayne Kraus

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 Re: Continuous Revival by Norman Grubb

The statement spoken of was: "I don't know if you realize it friends, but this IS revival!"

Thank you waynemen for a great article and fresh (and often overlooked) perspective on revival.


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