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"As I said before, I am praying."

finally someone gets it :) for the most part. Thank you for your prayers brother ccchhhrrriiisss


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My friend you do not even care or see that you contradict God's nature and will in if fact not even be truthful with your desire for this bill. You have received multiple biblical and sound responses including mine, with verses, making clear that God's will is His word but after that you still say pray for God's will . Is there a Balaam in the house cuz your desired outcome is Balaam's business.

God said He will write His commandments in the heart of the regenerate. He said he looks for those who are broken and contrite and tremble at His word. If God is in the process of judging this country and should not you and everyone else asked IS HE JUDGING ME? One of the signs of God's judgement on a person or people is that they are death and dull to His Word, His warnings and believe they are in good standing as in the book of Jeremiah. They refuse to examine themselves in light of rebuke and correction.

You do not know God nor His will. Do you care to know either? Based on your own words you favor lawlessness in your heart. This is the antichrist spirit and not The Holy Spirit. Which spirit are you following? Based on your own words and disregard for His word I must plead with you examine yourself to see whether you are in the faith. And if you are repent before your candle stick is put out.

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I've worked a couple retail jobs in my day, one selling phones, the other allowing people to obtain credit cards. It was always an interesting thing to see an illegal immigrant come to the store and be rather bumfuzzled over the fact that they needed a social security number to apply for credit. But when they didn't know what that was, they either got angry and left, or called up one of their buddies to try and use somebody else's social security number. If you or I did that: jail time is a possibilty. If an illegal does that: they might become citizens of the United State of America.

HAHA. Sorry but the last part really made me laugh. You're right, Jimmy, that is a pretty weird and unjust standard.

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 The politics of God.

"This IS a political topic, as the Dream Act that you asked us to pray FOR is a piece of political legislation.

As I said before, I am praying. I am NOT praying for the Dream Act to pass (or fail, for that matter). However, I will continue to pray for a true revival to occur in the hearts of all people...including those in/from Mexico and Central and South America.".....ccchhhrrriiisss

Well said Chris...... It is interesting to me that there are those who deify the acts of the right.. [Republican's..], and those who believe that God is on the left, for the people.[ Obama and the Democrats..]

Consider demonic Nebuchadnezzar; The Lord used him to shelter his remnant Israel in prosperity for 70 years in Babylon, and at the same time,try to destroy their faith..[ the edict not to worship other gods with the death penalty..]

Leaders are in the hand of God, and America is not a Christian Nation. We are a Religious nation set upon a Republic that is, and always has been in the hands of man.

Yes, some of the leaders of America were Deist, or Christian, but the Republic is founded upon man governing man, with a magnetism toward living your own life, having your own freedom, and to pursue your own happiness. THIS IS FREEDOM OF THE SOUL REALM, NOT THE HOLY SPIRIT REALM.
[Freedom of Religion was also huge, and America was used to promote Christianity world-wide.]

The Kingdom of God commands that we put on a yoke, and a desire to DIE to our lives, no expand them to the largess.

This was the grand entitlement of the American system, that crushed the rule of the tyrant Kings who ruled the rest of the world according to their whims and benefits. This is what this thread is about really, praying for the entitlements that America offers; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.[Think of the multitudes of Christian martyrs; those willingly burnt at the stake, refusing release to recant Christ...] happiness?...

The entire poor of all of the world dream of a life here, and I suppose pray often to get here, to the land of opportunity. I understand the passion of many, who even have family that cannot come here, yet residing in poverty; yet without borders, we would cease to be America; a country.[ Not that God would not do this...]

Our prayer for our leaders should always be directed toward the good of the church, for the good of the Lord Jesus...that His intentions might prosper.

Moses also prophesied about the Lords heart for the "sojourner, the foreign pilgrim"..and the curse upon those who hindered them.....and Ezra forced the mixed races out of Israel..[ into Samaria...][a spiritual balance here..]. [consider hateful Islam..not people, but spirits..]

Beware of thinking that your political affiliations are of God...there is always a mixture in politics...and I believe in this maxim.

It is the exact opposite in the politics of God. Any compromise is considered rebellion, and Jesus is Lord...and is absolutely totalitarian.

The only reason that we are not dead in his wrath, is because His total dominion is tempered by mercy; and that by the blood of His Son toward us.

This is the politics of God.

 2010/12/13 9:32

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I wouldn't be so hasty to say yea or no or revival. Rather if I were to pray, I will pray that God's will be done.

When I saw this, I thought of 2 things. God's word/commandment in the bible and also specific situations in the bible which seems to contradict what God says--usually its God showing His mercy.

2 examples although there are more:
1) God asked the Israelites to destroy the Gibeonites, yet through the Gibeonites deceit, they were saved, and God defended them by letting the sun stand still so that the Israelites could rescue them.

2) Abraham lied and asked Sarah to lie because he was afraid, yet God intervene and protected Abraham and He didn't even chastise Abraham.

There could very well come a time where some countries are persecuted so badly and God has made a way for them to escape by coming here through the DREAM Act. We do not know, only God knows. I know that in history, people have illegally entered different countries because of poverty and persecution.

The Act may be suggested by humans with political/wrong/wicked/good intentions but we really do not know what God's will is in this case. It reminds me of Joseph's brothers selling Joseph---it was a wicked thing to do--God allow it but it was to rescue Israel. Who knows--the act may be passed with wrong human intentions and there will be abuse by criminals etc but it could be for the bigger purpose of saving lives that God has planned or to start a revival or who knows what. Or maybe its not God's will for it to pass. Thus, why don't if we want to pray for it, pray for God's will be done as we really don't know what God's intention is for this case.


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