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Mathew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." nkjv

I am a lover of Acts and the early Church. But we are here today and I am learning not to put God in a box. He can use us where ever. Our part is to take Him with us because we have spent time in His Presence - In prayer, in the Word, in worship. So when we go we take Him with us. To love, to serve, to give, to receive etc. Praying for where ever the Lord has us fellow-shipping. This makes the difference. we all are frustrated with our Church situation in America. But we have to see there is some good as well. If there is individual growth, the fruit of the spirit, times of prayer, maybe not at our speed but growth is good.

We must begin with ourselves first. Taking the log out of our eye, spend quality time in the closet with Him. Being a doer of the Word.

Tomorrow I get to go be with my new church family downtown to Church without walls. Church for the homeless. This is not a time for me to get puffed up, to be a grand person to feel good and self righteous, it is a time of humbleness, it is an honor, a privilege to be there. To spend time with the Lord seeking His face for all to receive Him, hearts ready. My heart ready to hear His quiet voice on when to speak, when to give a hug, when to give a word of encouragement etc. To serve. Jesus died for these people and He loves them dearly. Tread lightly.

So, I would say - Glory to God - lets meet with a humble heart wherever we are in prayer and expectation that the Lord will have His way. Being open to the Lord desiring to take the log out of our own eye for His Glory and for our growth. It is a lot of time not up to the Pastor but to us to lay before the Lord and ask for Him to create in us a clean heart. Right now my new Pastor is doing a session on submission. Using Mary as our example. It is not about sin nor is it about the cross but it is an awesome message and the Holy Spirit is working on each one helping us to be more like Jesus. Glory to God. He is worthy.

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