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 Re: Updated: SermonIndex Forum Disclaimer / Community Rules

Hi there,

I just signed up for the forum and look very much forward to interacting with the saints here over various topics in the Presence of the Lord.

If I might however, I would like to mention in brief my overall impression of the rules that I just read through for whatever benefit my impressions may have in helping this forum become all that the Lord might want it to be.

I recognize that some rules are necessary but it is unfortunate that so many Christian forums, including apparently this one, make so many rules that do not allow Christians to operate as freely as the Lord would have them operate.

For example...the prohibition against outside links to sermons. I recognize the concern about not supporting a linking out to sermons or sites that are decidedly ungodly. A valid concern.

But how would the Lord have us deal with that concern among brethren? Is it by making a rule that restricts all from any outside linking at all?

Is it a sin or displeasing to God to include an outside link as a matter of course? Certainly not. Yet a rule is in place to keep that from happening.

Would it not rather be more God honoring and more in line with His will for brethren to correct an improper and unedifying outside link to ungodly doctrine or websites when and if that happens? Than a rule that by it's very nature will restrict the freedom of Christians to link out to good things as God allows them to do as His children?

Such rule making is a failure of just about every Christian forum I have ever participated in.

I have come to accept that and do not expect this forum to change at all in that regard.

But...this forum does seem to be a place for sincere Christians to congregate more so than many others I have been on and as such I felt that there might be some profit in mentioning this first impression for whatever the Lord might want to do with that I said.


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