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 Prayer on prayer II

The blessed Cross puts self at it's proper place-on the wood to die. The old man cannot be sanctified in itself but is destined to die. It's not a pleasant death, however, as self tries to get off the Cross to start some new project or preach another gospel. Praying is dying from ego. Praying is silent alliance with Christ, letting Him do the talking. Praying is being stripped of words, thoughts and attitudes which won't obey the Word of the living God Almighty. Praying is dying from self in a culture which makes the unholy holy and boasts thereof. Our culture promotes ego to the uttermost, which God utterly will destroy. The Cross will make the stoneheart dust in a blink of an eye. The Humble Lord will wait as long as He can to execute this-but only because of His great mercy, not giving in to the will of carnal men. Death is not pleasant, but necessary, and it's an act of God, not ourselves. We cannot come to Him unless He draws our hearts to Him. Praying is peace of the Lord, praying is the heavenly mandate of the Living God following the given Order of God. The Spirit is the Spirit of Truth; the Truth which is an absolute, not an obsolete. Praying deals with holiness. We do not dare to be careless with holiness, hence the sons of Aron. Praying is consuming fire, praying is eating at His table. Praying brings forth relation with the living God-and with each other. Oh Lord, teach me how to pray!

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