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[by learjet on 2010/12/4 12:34:06
John Kilpatrick in my view is a man of God, I have NEVER heard him endorse Todd Bentley........Pastor John may have made a passing statement without knowledge of what was happening internally though. ]

The youtube videos of him and another speaking, praying and endorsing Todd Bentley and the revival have been taken off. But the thread is still here.


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I believe that he could be a very humble and honest man with a desire to see God work and save souls. My problem is with the entire concept and way that people are seeking revival in our last generation. There has been a huge shift from biblical preaching, confession and conviction of sin and prayer.

I would agree with you 100% on this statement and I too think it's sad. The 'looking for revival' aspect is definitely alive and well (unfortunately) heck, I've been guilty of the same mindset to the detriment of my walk with God.

I would agree with you regarding the emotionalism as well, Finney took great pains to avoid this very thing and I like his approach more than others. However, this was a major complaint with Whitefield, but when you are reaching masses of people it's hard to make sure that no one slips through the cracks, every soul is precious. Overall I tend to view them in good faith.

I know God is touching some lives in these churches when they are having these revivals but sadly they are mostly tied in with Peter Wagner and the New Apostles Movement. Where there are designated apostles over geographical regions who supposedly know God much better then others in those areas and have been given this authority

I'm going to have to disagree with your grouping John in with Peter Wagner. I don't know who Peter Wagner is but I've never heard John mention him and I've listened to over 100 of his sermons. I want to mention that I am a disciple of Jesus, not John Kilpatrick or any other man (please understand that I'm not using this as a snide comment, it's the truth) I have built people up in my life before and will never fall into this trap again :-).

I have watch the "bay of the holy spirit" many times and I have barely seen Jesus christ preached clearly, sin preached against, there are alot of phraseologies and repeated ideas given but really no biblical substance.

Are Nathan's sermons simplistic? Sure you could make that point accurately but the same could be said of John the Baptist, he had one message and it was amazingly simple. Most evangelists have one message by the nature of their calling.

"what can I get from God mentality."

I would agree with you here as well. Sadly, I have been of this mindset as well, it wasn't until I heard "10 Shekels and a Shirt" before I recognized the crippling effects of humanism and it's effects in me personally. That sermon alone changed my life! I went from 'what I can get from God' through the path of repentance to 'what God can get from me' as a result in that one sermon. To Him be the glory.

The purpose of my response was to let people know what I saw, not to endorse anything. Heck, people couldn't agree regarding Jesus. Some said He was Elijah, some said He was John the Baptist, what was important was what Peter said (or us personally).

Peace brothers!

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I thank you everyone for tring to help me .
I really appreciate each of you.
I guess it has really refreshed my thought..
that we must weigh every word that one preaches by the scriptures,deeds and actions of these men.
and not just depend on men to teach us His Word.
But be taught by the Spirit of God,
That we be not decieved in these last days.

I would welcome more of your comments.

God Bless us all with His decernment,

 2010/12/4 18:08

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"I believe that he could be a very humble and honest man with a desire to see God work and save souls. My problem is with the entire concept and way that people are seeking revival in our last generation. There has been a huge shift from biblical preaching, confession and conviction of sin and prayer."

Greg, I agree with you brother. John Kilpatrick is a man of integrity and he has a heart for God. I also agree with you that there needs to be more biblical preaching with the conviction of the Holy Spirit bringing men and women to repentance. The emphasis in this revival does seem to be on healing and signs and wonders. I have seen brother Nathan preach a strong word one night in which many people came forth to get saved. I believe that if the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached that signs and wonders will follow. If the emphasis is on anything other than Jesus Christ, then the movement will not succeed. This has been the end of many revivals because people get caught up with the hand of the Lord and miss the Lord Himself and the purpose that He is wanting to accomplish through the pouring out of the Spirit. Having said that, it needs to be said that there are many within the Church right now that need healing in their bodies. I have never seen so many sick Christians as what I am witnessing today. So, may the healing power of the Lord be poured out as Jesus Christ is lifted up.



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 A bit about Nathan Morris

Nathan Morris (who is preaching at this revival) is the founder of Shake the Nations ministry.

He believes that God has called him to preach the gospel and believe for 10,000 souls (although this is probably higher). He has led crusades in Sierra Leone, Kenya and India to name a few countries. The people he works with have also set up feeding programs for third world countries and do other charitable deeds.

Nathan is part of a very influential church near to where I used to live. I used to attend that church for a short time and sometimes heard him speak. He was/is a very influential person within the church with young boys aspiring to be like him. Everyone looked up to him for guidance and for prayer and 'fiery' messages.
When he speaks, he looks for signs and wonders to show that God is present. This seems to be a big part of his ministry, searching for signs and wonders: 'the blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speaks, the dead rise and live.'

Nathan's life has been turned around and now is 'empowered by the Holy Spirit'.

I don't know much about John Kilpatrick, only what I have read on the internet.


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 Re: A bit about Nathan Morris

Revival starts with one man on his knees seeking the holiness of God. Period. Not signs and wonders. Jesus cursed the people for "seeking a sign" and ignoring the truth.

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 Re: A bit about Nathan Morris

Thanks abg for the insight.

However, true revival and true born-again Christians--what we need to see is a changed life. For example, a thief no longer steals, a liar no longer lies continously etc.

This I believe is true revival--where you see MANY (not a few) people in that revival area comes to repentance and there is an obvious change in how they live their lives. Signs and wonders most likely willfollow but if there is no changed lives, then its just fake.

I think if I recall correctly I ever heard mention, when there were true revivals in the past, you will see drinking taverns being closed down, drunken men became sober, crime rate reduced drastically etc. I would like to know whether this type of things is actually happening in the different places where they said there's revival for this ministry or this revival. What I've heard mention is that there's many murders, shooting etc going on in 1 of the revival place after the revival has been going on there for months from someone living in 1 of the supposed revival areas. To me that area is not having a real revival then.

The bible also teaches us to look at God/Jesus. To be more like him. Not more like the preacher/pastor. Not look to the preacher for guidance, prayer etc. We aspire to be like Jesus, not the preacher. The preacher's job is to point to Jesus and if the people are looking to him instead of Jesus, then there's something very wrong here.

Ever hear sermons by Paul Washer, Leonard Ravenhill, Paris Reidhead etc---they all have 1 thing in common--their message points to Jesus and the cross. If they hear that people are looking to them instead of Jesus, they will be utterly disappointed.

Setting up feeding programs is always good but this of itself does not guarantee that its from God. Many people from other religions and/or aetheists have done a lot of good from donating a large part of their wealth to being personally involved in helping the poor (eg: Gandhi, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Buddha)--but they are not Christians.

The thing is maybe Nathan and maybe Kilpatrick are true Christians or maybe they are really believing that they are on to something here. But the more I see/read/hear, the more doubts I have as to what they believe are revivals are really true revivals.


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I wrote 2 articles on the subject of current and historical revival experiences.

Revival Experiences: Crying Out

Revival Experiences: Slain In The Spirit

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