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 do you seek God first in all things?

There was a post on another thread about Christmas a few days ago and someone made mention about how their family members did not pray about taking part in Christmas it was just something that they did because they had always done so. I have been thinking about that much since reading it. I was thinking about my own walk and how many times I have done something or "acted" because it seemed good to me or because it was a something that I had always done. I assume if what I am doing is "good" then it must be fine with God...but is it? I began to wonder about Jesus, during His time on earth He healed many but there were also many that He did not heal? I was thinking about that, why some and not others? Could it be as He said that He was to be about the will of His Father? We know Jesus was often in prayer and that He waited upon the will of the Father. How often do we do that? How often do we really stop and pray and ask God what His will, or desire on a matter is before acting? I know for myself there have been many occasions when I jumped into a situation that seemed good with out going to God first in prayer?? IF He is really Lord of my life then why would I ever think or assume that I have a right to make a decision about how I spend my time, energy, money or anything else for that matter without first seeking Him on the matter?

God bless

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 Re: do you seek God first in all things?

Mary Jane,

God has been dealing with me in this as well. Paul says to pray without ceasing. Like right now I have been praying whether I should post. I have been reading your posts and the love of Christ for you in me wants to speak to you about our Lord. Too sit at his feet because he loves us so much. His love rolling off him onto you, the aroma of Christ. It is sweet, so sweet. This is the holiness of God. It is his love. Perfect. Pure. They will know us by our love. Pure devotion to our Jesus, our savior, our king. Let love ring across these words like the banner he placed over us. The banner he placed by his precious blood shed on that cross. Love.



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 Re: do you seek God first in all things?

Oh Travis, that was beautifully stated!

MaryJane, I have found myself to be the same, proceeding without praying and asking the LORD for His will in a matter. There have been times where I was headed somewhere and then asked the LORD for His will - soon to find myself going 180 degrees in the opposite direction - and then later all tangled up because I did not listen to His instructions because I thought I knew better. Blessedly we have a patient Saviour who extends much grace and somehow gets us to the right place despite ourselves and our selfish ways. You do have a beautiful heart.

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 Re: do you seek God first in all things?

Many times we don't Maryjane because we think that it's too trivial for Him, other times we forget to go to Him and we deal with it ourselves, and finally when it becomes overwhelming than we surrender and seek His guidance. So few actually start out asking the Lord at the first but many of us get all exhausted like a squirrel running around the tree trying to find the hole. But you know, after awhile of doing that, one does learn that it pays seek the Lord first in all things.

 2010/12/2 17:17


Hi MaryJane,

To answer your question straight up.

NO, I do not seek the Lord in ALL things.

ALL, is a tiny word with a big meaning.

Maybe you can tell us what you mean by ALL, and what you don't mean by ALL.

Just thinking that a definition might help.

 2010/12/2 17:24


Yes, in most things. In too much things, and I should've just done it on my own and now I'm pissed off at God for not showing up when I put a lot of things on the line for Him.

I think balance and discernment is key.

 2010/12/4 4:04

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