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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Tithing - Part III - What was Old Testament Tithing?

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True Matthew,

Jesus could not very well call the Pharisees to obey the New Covenant since there was not one yet. The Pharisees could not exercise faith in the finished work of Christ since He had not died and resurrected yet.

Yet, Jesus takes the opportunity once again to show them their hypocrisy and how far short they fall in even trying to obey the law. And in trying to obey the law they always conveniently forgot the weightier things, like love, mercy, justice.

Just proves how much we need Jesus and the Cross to keep the flesh in subjection to the Spirit and the law of love.

 2010/11/30 22:29


JB1968, What do you mean tithing is Biblical? Can you show scripture and verse from the New Testament? Your answer will reveal if you really believe you are saved by faith alone.

Brother, we do not look to the Church for benefits. We look to Jesus Christ. The Church has not replaced Jesus Christ as our ALL in ALL.

Where does this statement come from?
"Many want the benefits of the church without supporting it financially."

I do not want anything from my brother or sister. That is just a churchy phrase you learned along the way from religious leaders. Please don't be offended but think about what you are saying.

Rom 13:8 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

 2010/11/30 22:34


JB1968, you would be surprised how many trust in their obedience (tithing, sabbath observance) and become self-righteous by it (not even knowing it). Do you think that a person that is deceived knows they are deceived? Do you think that the Pharisees knew that they were deceived?

The man in Matthew 7, trusted in many things HE DID. He thought he was a lover of God and very obedient. Do you think he was deceived. Obviously he was, because Jesus said, "Depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never KNEW YOU".

So, it is not uncommon as you think for people to trust in what they do. In fact it is very common. It is called the Broad Way to Destruction.

 2010/11/30 22:40

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hi, as i do not know any of you and cannot look into your hearts or know your reasons for what you do and why you do what it is you do with your money than i must talk only about myself.i have learned that God loves a cheerful giver.a dear friend was a successful furniture salesman who became a millionaire and gave like a billionaire for many years.katrina came to louisiana and he had 50 houses that he had built and owned and some rented that were in the center of the path of this storm.10 million about to be blown away...after the storm cleared ,he checked the damage and there was not 1 dollar of damage to any and the house he lived in was the only house that had no damage in the whole area...most houses where damaged badly.this is what the bible means when it says to "give and it shall be given unto you".if you are giving out of law or obligation or to get than you will not be blessed at all.this is a principle of God for He gave His only Son for us,while we were sinners. i was in bible college and we had a missions conference and during the offering of the first meeting the Holy Spirit fell on the meeting and the offering lasted for 6 hours of hillareous,cars, mink coats,diamond rings,golf clubs etc. were given as we danced for joy in the Lord...jimp

 2010/12/1 0:08Profile

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JB1968 if you tithe because its biblical just like not commiting adultery and murdering then may I ask do you keep the dietary laws, or do you not cut the sides of your hair? Leviticus 19:27 “‘Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.

These are all laws given and if your statement is true then we must also follow these laws as well.

Christ came with a new covenant with only Two basic commands, Love the Lord your God and Love your Neighbor. The Law of Love is the Law Christ established. I don't murder you because I love you, and I don't steal from you because I love you and I don't covet your property why? Because I love you. This is why Jesus says all of the Law hinges on the above two commandments.

Now if I see you in need, straving and need help and I have physical means to help but don't guess who doesn't love you? I have seen this happen in a church system before someone in need but the church simply refuses even though the person in need was a "faithful tither" when the person was in need they received no aid.

My wife and I see people in need for groceries or as the season approaches christmas presents and extra food, well My wife and I have the means to help support some needy family this Christmas and the Holy Spirit has led us to help them. So by being obedient to the Holy Spirit of Love we fulfill the Law of Love THROUGH Jesus Christ.

Matthew Guldner

 2010/12/1 2:20Profile

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Amen mguldner.

Paulo West

 2010/12/3 10:07Profile


...and the offering lasted for 6 hours of hillareous,cars, mink coats,diamond rings,golf clubs etc. were given as we danced for joy in the Lord...jimp

Now thats my kind of meeting !!!!!!

 2010/12/3 10:13

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JB1968 is right when he says tithing is biblical. Well.. tithing is a ordinance that was practiced under the old covenant and administered by the levitical priesthood. "Biblical tithing" was always for food and drink and in fact i would dare you to find one scripture under mosiac law where money was an acceptable tithe. In those days the priest did not accpet money as a tithe as it wasnt allowed. Even if people were travelling great distances in order to tithed they were required to convert thier money into lifestock.

1. Tithing is biblical.
2. Money according to the law is not an acceptable tithe so tithing of money even under the old testament is unbiblical.
3. Even though thier was money in mosiac times it was never a medium for the tithe.
4. tithes can only be accepted by levites.
5. tithing while biblical in the sense it can be found in the bible lol is a law given to those under the law and not new testament believers
6.Free will giving is the standard for charity of the new testaments (and often people gave all they had)

7. If you listen to joyce myer, creflo dollar, eddie long, juanita bynum, td jakes, joel osteen, rick warren, jamal byrant, paula white, david oyedepo, keneth copeland

then im afraid you may have been seduced by the lying spirit of a false prophet. As i have done and continue to do "examine yourself to see if you are still in the faith"

1.Tithing of lifestock is biblical, tithing of money is not.
2.The church must be supported by our giving. But it is our free will giving that is supposed to finacially support the church not tithing of money.
3. Under the new testament we give all which is not limited to money, you can give time also.
4. Tithing under word of faith ministries in new age churches is disgusting and revolting and is a prostitution and manipulation of Gods word aimed at introducing coveteousness into the hearts of believer.s

 2010/12/4 11:08Profile

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