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 Wedding of Zac & Annie Poonen

For anyone interested...

Audio recording of the wedding of Zac & Annie Poonen in June 1968

Transcript of the wedding


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 Re: Wedding of Zac & Annie Poonen

Our loving heavenly Father, God of grace, mercy and peace, our mighty and wonder working God, our loving and living God, our never-failing and never-changing God, God of eternity, God of perfection, God of holiness, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who loved us and gave Himself for us, we come at Thy feet. We thank Thee for the happy day when our night was turned into day. We thank Thee for Thy mighty hand by which we have been pulled out of the miry clay. And we thank Thee for Thy unchanging love shed abroad by the Holy Spirit in our hearts. And we thank Thee for making us partakers of the Holy Spirit, partakers of the divine nature, partakers of the heavenly calling and heavenly glory, by giving us the gift of everlasting life. And we thank Thee for Thy grand and lofty purpose in saving us to show forth Thy manifold wisdom through us, unworthy vessels, to the powers and authorities in the heavenly places. We thank Thee for the honour given to us to hear Thee speak from Thy throne, day by day, according to our need. And we thank Thee for the glimpses of the glory and the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ that Thou dost give us on earth, as we hear Thy word.

We thank Thee for the work of grace and salvation wrought by Thee in the hearts of Thy servant, Brother Zachariah Poonen and Sister Annie, who are to be joined together as life partners, in Thy presence, before Thy people and for Thy glory. We magnify Thee for all the favours they both have enjoyed so far from Thee. We thank Thee for Thy mighty hand which has led them so far. We magnify Thee for using them both as Thy purified vessels in so many ways. We thank Thee for making Thy will perfectly clear to them both, and to all concerned, about their union. We thank Thee for the desire given to both of them to glorify Thy name and to bring Thee satisfaction through their union. And we thank Thee for all who are here now – their loved ones, friends, relatives, strangers and fellow believers – to rejoice with them. And we humbly pray that they will all get their portion before they leave.

We pray that the Kingship and Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ will be fully acknowledged by all this evening. May Thy order be revealed and maintained, Thy love be fully tasted, Thy grace be abundantly present here and Thy name be highly honoured. We claim victory over the enemies’ schemes – seen or unseen. And all who have worked so hard to get this compound ready be fully rewarded for their labour of love.
We pray in the Name of the Lord Jesus our Saviour.

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