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 This Morning as I was meditating

As I was meditating and spending time with my Lord this morning, Thanksgiving Day for Americans, I am alone with Him for this day due to not able to get to family due to snow in the mountain passes. I am happy to be with Him although I miss the times with family around the table. But not lonely because we are together and there can never be a lonely moment when Jesus is present.

Then I began to reminisce all the wonderful times we had around the table and all the people we invited that had no where to go and they enjoyed our family and we enjoyed them.

Then came the vision of the glorious day when we shall be seated at the table of our Lord, our Groom. Oh, what a Day that will be, what a feast that will be. I don't think we will be able to take our eyes off of Jesus. We all have so much to be thankful for. We have Jesus Christ of Nazareth as our Savior, our Friend, our Shepherd, the lover of our souls and so, so much more. Oh how I look forward to that Day.

Then I was reading in the Gospels this morning as well and when I read about seeing "Jesus coming in His Kingdom" Matt. 16 28. Some versions say in the clouds. I was reminded of when Jesus first came alive to me, we would see a beautiful sunset and we would all go outside and, even though it was in the wrong direction, we would really think "this could be the time Jesus was coming in the clouds for us". We had such joy and expectation. Now, being a photographer I grab my camera! But the Holy Spirit has reminded me of the great expectation and joy of His coming I once had and it has been renewed this day. Oh, how we love You, appreciate You, bow down to You! Worship You, and with great expectation look to Your coming. When You see us, You don't see all our shortcomings, You Heavenly Father, see Jesus. "Let the Bride make herself ready." All praise and glory to You for You are worthy. Amen and Amen

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 Re: This Morning as I was meditating

and AMEN!

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Sister, I am with you in Spirit as we feast together on HIM!

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