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 Giving Thanks: The Cure to Atheism

Giving Thanks: The Cure to Atheism


Jimmy Humphrey

“The worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful, and has nobody to thank.” ~ Dante Gabriel Rossetti

When we give genuine thanks from our hearts, we are expressing gratitude for receiving from the hand of another that which we could not have otherwise provided ourselves. In a society that celebrates the “self-made” man, it is an act of humility to say thanks. For in giving thanks, we recognize that we are not the self-made individuals we sometimes like to imagine ourselves to be, but rather, in saying thanks we confess that we are the recipients of the favor and blessings of another. Thanks can only be given to that which is outside of ourselves.

In giving thanks for his life, the atheist must logically abandon his atheism, or cease altogether in his giving thanks for anything. For if there is no God, then there can be no logical reason to give thanks, for there is nobody in which to give thanks to. And if the atheist still feels thankful for his existence and the blessings of his life, and sees nothing illogical in entering into a spirit of thanks, then he should at once see a psychiatrist for the delusional mental illness he is suffering from.

Now, I have said these things not so much in hopes of convincing an atheist of the existence of God. Though, the famous atheist turned Christian, C. S. Lewis, was powerfully moved towards the faith by discovering as an atheist, he found himself perplexed over why he felt so thankful. “To Whom do I feel thankful?” he reasoned. But I have said these things to help highlight the importance we should give to the place of giving thanks in our lives.

We as Christians should be naturally thankful people, for we recognize that there is nothing in our lives that we have that we did not receive. Far from being self-made, we are all individuals who have received an abundance of grace that has been multiplied unto us. There is nothing we have that we did not receive from the hand of Another. And in saying thanks, we deepen our faith in Christ, and are cured from atheism.

Jimmy H

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