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 Re: Who got the truth?

Sadly, I do not know of one in full. I have a few men that I know who are extremely close. But that is why it is important for the systematic reading and study of Scripture. If you read you can understand context, and if you study you can understand a passage in that context.

Read the Bible from cover to cover, and study it from cover to cover, that's the best solution to finding truth.

Mike Wright

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The one and only one with the truth is Jesus Christ, however as far as knowledge is concerned the Apostles are as it close as it gets to fulfilling what God decreed for man in the first chapter of Genesis verses 26 & 27.

Sadly I have to agree with the OP that there are nothing more than pieces of truth spread out amongst a host of denominational wittiness that claim to be the one and only source of truth available today

However there is only one source of authority and truth in the physical realm and it is God's Holy Word as written in the original manuscripts

Anything else is "another gospel" that is accursed as well as is the messenger

So who amongst us has the truth?

James said very clearly that if we cannot show faith with works then faith is dead.

Can anyone show the world a church that has faith with works on the level of the Apostles who showed faith with works?

No they cannot so according to the scriptures faith in the church has died.

Obviously the falling away that Paul spoke of has happened and the church that exist today is proof of that.


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