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Joined: 2010/11/7
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 Watch and Pray


If God should turn my night to day,
It matters not one jot,
If that's His way
To teach me how to watch and pray.

If He will give me a greater vision;
If He will grant my thoughts His own revision;
If He will give to me a broken heart;
If he will speak the word, “My son, depart”

And I have no less than
Other men to sleep,
And while they laugh
In loneliness I pray and weep,

What matters if believers think me mad?
In that Great Day, I shall not then be sad
That I had grace to softly steal away, to pray;
While others, maybe most, did idle time away.

This race is not to the swift or strong,
But to the few who fight the wrong
With revelation from His Word,
Reject Baal, and follow on to the know the Lord!

-Leonard Ravenhill

From “Revival God's Way”

Mike Wright

 2010/11/24 11:35Profile

Joined: 2010/5/9
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 Re: Watch and Pray

In adoration I have been known to call Him "The God who Sees". Who, in all creation or heaven, knows both the very heart of the Most High God and the inner desires of man? It is the Most High God who judges. And it is the Most High God who justifies. How great is our position when we stand in that great river of blood.

Be Glorified in Your children, O' God who Sees!

Paul Horton

 2010/11/24 11:50Profile

 Re: Watch and Pray

Awesome, awesome poem. Thanks for sharing.
God bless,
Joel ><>.

 2010/11/24 19:17

Joined: 2010/11/7
Posts: 193


I thought it was pretty convicting. It makes me think again at least. Not a quaint little poem that we scribble in the back of our Bibles, this is a great truth that we must consider.

Mike Wright

 2010/11/24 20:58Profile

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