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 Ireland Mourns Loss of Sovereignty-Bloomberg

Christians have been saying for years that the EU is about making a super state.Over the past ten years or more Ireland has passed referenda on Europe,each time the majority of politicians inside and out have laughed off suggestions that Ireland would be loosing any independance or sovereignty to brussels and now 60 years on from the original proposal that started one of the most anti christian/Jewish political systems ever their true colors are been shown.When bloomberg reports that Ireland has lost its sovereignty we know the number is up for national governments.I have to say a word about Barry Smith who got a few things wrong admittedly but had the broad brush strokes correct about interdependance and sovereignty.
I may add the euro is danger of collapse for good or bad,probably for bad.The European Union is built on a lie and will ultimately not stand.Let this be a warning to the USA as it plays around with its national debt,its currency and its relationship with the rest of the world;their coming for you from within and without be ready and stand firm.
I guess thats what you get from this world years of organised lies but thank God we are not to be ignorant of the things that are happening around us and that God uses all things for good for those in Christ Jesus,
P.s God has plan to deal with this tyranny dont you think for a moment he hasnt.!

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