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 the privilege of knowing

“When spiritual Truth is brought without responsiveness, the result is a LOSS of spiritual capacity... All that COULD HAVE BEEN with God is no longer possible...” Soooo, let yourself be Motivated to never ignore the daily “little choices” you are given. Choices to either: 1) justify/rationalize/practicalize/”I don’t understand”-ize your way out of God’s Direction, or 2) ACTIVELY EMBRACE God’s Direction, to the measurable detriment of your own schedule, ego, comfort, or reputation... Let’s never take for granted the undeniable, unbelievable privilege of knowing Heaven’s Thought! Jesus died to make it possible!

Was reading this that was shared and thinking how important it is, how vital it is that I never take for granted the privilege of knowing HIM! Surrendering and dieing to self so that I may walk with You always Lord is my deepest heart cry!Grant me strength to make that choice to embrace Your direction!

Be blessed

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 Re: the privilege of knowing

One of the aspects of serving the Living God that surprised me the most was the very point you are making. But I will testify that even when man breaks his way in following God's will for him, God is capable of creating a new way. It is said that God's wisdom is richly variagated. As a rainbow has an infinate number of colors in it, we find (to our great joy) that God is able to cause His children to have purpose and capable of showing them what is good, just, and merciful.

I testify as one who broke the will of God in my life, only to find another path by supplied by God's grace! Thus is the Greatness of God and the humble state of man. The God we serve is indeed Great! And by His Grace we will yet praise Him for His ways! It is He who leads out of sin and death. And it is those who know Him who will praise Him for eternity.

He is hope for the hopeless and sight for the blind!


Paul Horton

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