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While I'm sure we'll read of some unpleasant things

The only person[s] you can read about in all of scripture who did not have any failings were Jesus and to some degree Joseph. Scripture never accuses Joseph of any wrongdoing.

All people, including preachers, are human beings who do not at some level live up to some idealistic mind. (I am not talking about sin.) People are human and therefore frail. Most will do what they deem to be essential at the moment.The fact that any good can come from anyone is an awesome testimony to the mercy and grace of God rather then to the wisdom of men.

Humans need leaders to guide, to advise. Scripture is full of it. Even in nature you will find leaders among their kind. I grew up on a dairy farm. If you ever pastured your cows you will know there indeed is a 'pecking' order in place. Are cows fallen creatures or are they functioning according to God given instincts?

When leaders fail, we must learn to forgive. If they commit sin, this must be confronted and dealt with. Leaders are not above repenting and confession of sin.

It is essential that one recognizes the limitations of leaders, wherever they are because we are prone to place them on a pedestal and look to them as God, displacing them. When you discover they are human like yourself you get offended and angry. This, too, is sin. (I learned this first hand when I discovered how human my preacher-grandfather was - it took me for a loop. Once I forgave and recovered from that, I loved him with double-honor. A person who knows his weaknesses but still is bold enough to preach the WORD is worthy of double honor. This trait was well known among his acquaintances which earned him much affection by young and old alike.)

Love Ravenhill. Love A.W. Tozer. Love D.L. Moody. love....But also know they will have to give account to God, just like you and me. Now if this does not instill some holy fear in one, I am not sure anything will.


Sandra Miller

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Bro. Leonard Ravenhill has had a dramatic impact on my spiritual life, of that much I am sure. I didn't start listening to his sermons until earlier this year and I'm up to listening to about ninety of them, and have bought four of his books (not including the biography, but he didn't write that). I recommended him to a friend who's father had two books by Bro. Len, "Sodom had no Bible" and "Meat for Men" at first he didn't seem to like them too much, but once he really started to read them he couldn't put them down! I feel the same way about those books I have of his. "America is Too Young to Die" is a classic no matter how old.

But more than that, I have found Leonard Ravenhill challenging me to prayer and early-rising, and labor to know God deeply. More than that he had challenged me to discipline more than I used to be. He has recommended books that have helped me tremendously in his sermons, like "The Existence and Attributes of God" by Stephen Charnock, which was a glorious book. He caught my attention with the attributes of God in simply speaking of them, and lifted up Christ and brought men low to the ground.

While I was extremely young when he died, I feel that he has definitely been almost like a grandfather in the spiritual realm. His warm (or fiery) voice coming through the computer is still something I enjoy listening to.

Well, now that I have spoken of the man, I cannot wait for the biography.

Mike Wright

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