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 the new kid

Thanks to good neighbors who directed me here....

I live in Northwest Arkansas, certainly God's county, and have lived one half of my 58 years on the other side of the fence. I would not give that up for anything. It gives me a perspective that those who have grown up in a Christian family don't have.

I am tired of going to church. I have gone to almost every protestant church in my town and found them all to be 80/20 churches, simplistic in teaching and inadequate in the worship experience. Our youth are dying and going to hell. I love science and math and see how they relate to scripture. Kids want answers!

That said, I wish to expand Bible teaching to include the OT, and the Genesis record. Do I pretend to know everything concerning the Genesis record? Heck no. And, I know top down teaching does not work. That is, "I am the teacher and you need to shut up and listen to me." No, I would rather engage youth into thinking critically, using serious study to discover who God is.

There. 3-2-1, ignition,,,,BLAST OFF!

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 Re: the new kid

Welcome to the forum!
God bless,
Joel ><>.
2 Chronicles 7:14.

 2010/11/21 15:35

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Know what you mean.

Welcome aboard!

Mike Wright

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 Re: the new kid

Hey Rock Pile Farm.....We need many different perspectives in the body to stand up for Jesus. Welcome, and looking forward to your contribution...Tom

 2010/11/21 16:34

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 Re: the new kid

So are they not teaching much of the OT in the church you are at? How large is your town? Glad that you have a heart for the youth...


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