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 Lord, Send A Revival


I see the peril of the world, I see it rot.
I see the church and know that she has not got
What she should have of Calvary love and passion.
She loves her ease and style, and this world’s smile
And fashion.
O Christ, was it for this that Thou didst bleed?
For churches blind to human need?
For lounging pew warmers who never tell
Of saving grace to sinners bound for hell?

You promised us a baptism of fire.
But here we are bogged down in slothful mire,
Thy people, fat, content, increased in goods,
Resentful if we prod them from their moods.
Forgive them, Father, oh, forgive!
Shake them awake! And let them live
Upon the plane of Pentecostal power—
Less enduement cannot meet this hour.

Before You come to take Your spotless Bride,
We trust You for a world revival tide!

- Leonard Ravenhill

From "Revival God's Way"

Mike Wright

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 Re: Lord, Send A Revival

Revival has, and will till the return of Christ, rested in the leadership of the Church. Not that we can do anything without Jesus. But it lays squarely on the shoulders of the teachers of Christ to deliver the whole truth of the Gospel. And what if God blessed the present church with many disciples? What would they be taught?

It must also be noticed that there are a great many Christians who do not attend church any longer. I can testify that the faith of those people is as real (and quite possibly more vibrant) as those who keep their favorite seat warm every Sunday. I know this has plagued the leadership for decades. Ponderous isn't it.

I had a vision from the Lord a while back that was powerful, pointed, and very serious. In the vision I saw a box with eyes, arms and hands. The arms were extended and the hands clasped together as in prayer. He directed me to open my mouth and speak what came to my lips. What came out of my lips was as follows: "Though they are led in darkness, yet will I lead them out".

If the leadership will not step up and give Him all, He will take the reins from their hands and do it by His own hand.

Paul Horton

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"Oh friends have great faith, litle faith will take your souls to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to your soul." C. H. Spurgeon

Thats where most of are are, men of little faith who barely make it to heaven by the grace of God. E.M. Bounds said, “Faith is not an abstract belief in the Word of God, not a mere mental credence, nor a simple assent of the understanding and will; nor is it a passive acceptance of facts, however sacred or thorough. Faith is an operation of God, a divine illumination, A HOLY ENERGY implanted by the Word of God and the Spirit in the human soul—a spiritual, Divine principle which takes of the Supernatural and makes it apprehendable by the facilities of time and sense.”

Revival is born in Holy Ghost prevailing prayer of faith, for that im convinced. Evan Roberts prayed for revival for about 13 years; he did not give up but kept trusting God for the fulfilment of his promises. He prayed down revival.God gives the spirit of prayer and intercesion everytime He intends to send great blessings to the church.


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Revival is born in Holy Ghost prevailing prayer of faith, for that I'm convinced. Evan Roberts prayed for revival for about 13 years; he did not give up but kept trusting God for the fulfilment of his promises

God could have easily brought revival as soon as Brother Roberts prayed, but He didn't and with good reason. There had to be a time of preparation. It wasn't a matter of holding to God's promises, rather a work had to be done in Evan to carry out the work of the Father.

The disciples spent at least 4 years with Jesus. Paul spent a couple of years in Arabia. Tommy Hicks spent several months before God in prayer and fastings before sending him to Argentina.

Revival starts with a whole lot of waiting on God, a LOT of waiting. If one is waiting on God, repentance is a given, it goes without saying, it comes with the territory. The more that we have learned of the doctrines of the Church the more time it will take to beat that out of us so that God can instill in us His will and His ways. It's not enjoyable, it's humiliating. The less you know the better you are in flowing with God's Spirit, if you are willing to be lead.

That is why young believers are so dynamic, they haven't been indoctrinated. It's when they get doctrine, the power seems to flow out and they become like one of us, dead.

When we stop being a Martha in thinking that we are doing the Lord's business and getting all stressed out in why other Christians are not helping, it's there that we should stop and get down where Mary is at in listening to what Jesus has to say, and wait. Many can't do that because of position, prestige, and honour.

 2010/11/20 14:38

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 Re: You want Revival?

My brothers and sisters, I have a message for us. The Lord is gracious and His mercy endures forever. In speaking with Him last night on the subject of prayer for revival, He has a word to speak today. Now, many of you will think me too bold to make that statement. So be it.

To begin:

He has warned me that my tongue is too sharp. He has reminded me that I do not bear the yoke of a pastor. And has reminded me of how it was when I bore that yoke. I had forgotten the burden, thus my words might cause more damage than is necessary. And so I submit with respect to your burden of service as one who now remembers how great that load can be. HOWEVER. There is work to be done and if necessary we must all submit to the greater authority of the very mouth of the Most High God.

What operation can be accomplished without using a scalpel? And has anyone ever seen a "nerf scalpel"? Such a thing does not exist and we would think children demented to play with such a toy. So there will be some damage done lest there be no healing. With all that said it is understood that I desire healing, not judgment.

You ask for prayer that revival might come about. I tell you revival is already here. You sit as men with long faces among Great and Marvelous gifts! Do you intend to continue to moan that God has not supplied? Is this not to call the power and will of the Most High into question? Where is it written that God is willing for many to die? Is it not truth to say otherwise?

He has, once and for all, entrusted the Gospel into the hands of men. Is this not so? And do not those men pray to the Living God of heaven and earth? Have the leaders of the Church of Christ not received the Holy Spirit of God? And will we not be held accountable to the Sovereign God for our gifts? I tell you, "Revival is given into your hands". But you have not used what has been given.

"I have more to give you than you are currently able to bear. Use what you have and you will receive more".

Brothers and sisters, I have been shown many things regarding this subject and am permitted only to speak, today, that which builds up. There is much more which will not be posted today. But let me paint what I have seen:

God's leaders have allowed both the world and those who would be Christians to push them into a corner. They say to you, "Thus far you shall preach and no more." They told you you can only preach for 20 minutes and that in a certain building at a certain time of the week and a certain time of that day! How shall we allow the world and those who would be christians to tell God what must be done?

Here is a suggestion for you. This does not come from the Lord, but from one determined servant of the Most High God to another I say this:
Betray their demands. Enter the pulpit at 10 am and begin to preach the word of God with Great Boldness. Do not stop. Bring food for yourself if necessary, but do not stop preaching. Preach till they've all become disgusted and left. Then send an elder out to hold up a sign saying you are still preaching. Preach to the angels till God brings them back to their seats. Preach for 7 hours and do not stop.

What shall you preach? This vision is a paraphrase of what the Lord showed me. Look! Oh, man of God Look! Through the eyes of faith God has given you look. See the judgment! Watch as judgment is passed on the unsaved. Watch as the angels come and throw that man into the fires of hell. Listen to his screams and cries! Watch as those who wait to be next gnash their teeth with Great anger. These are not men and women as we see them now. They are perfect souls, eternal souls, and they know it. Yet they will receive no welcome from the Glorious God, whom they see clearly.

Let the fire burn you as you stand in the gap! Let it blister your back and char your skin. This is their plight! Can't you see it????? Don't you remember the fear you once had when you learned of what was coming for the unsaved? Brothers and Sisters! They who pass you by in the store are about to be tossed screaming into the eternal fire of hell and WE DO NOTHING!!!!!

You want revival? Then take it! There it is. Look at your hands. Are they not blessed by the very Lord of Life? Are you not appointed to bring the message of death and life to a dying and dead world? We do not serve tradition. We do not serve politically correct speech! We do not serve the will of those who would be christians. We serve the Living God of Abraham. And I will tell you a glimmer of what else He mentioned as He talked with me:

There is a judgment to come for ALL! Have we forgotten that we will give account as men and women who held in themselves the very words of the Most High? I have said enough and must curb my sharp tongue.

I will say it once more: Thus says the Lord, "Revival is given to you even now. But you have not taken what has been given. Take it and use what you have, and I will give more."

May God be true and every man a liar. HOLY, HOLY, HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. It is to Him that we will give account. Do not moan like children. I have not addressed little children in this post. I have spoken to men of God!


Paul Horton

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